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Monthly E- Newsletter August 2008


Diagnostic Quiz

August 2008


Every winner who will answer all question correctly his name will be displayed on website & he will get Appreciation Certificate.


Correct Answers of Diagnostic Quiz Contest July 2008 is

1) Herpes labialis
2) Bronchiectasis.
3) Phytolacca

And winner of  Diagnostic Quiz Contest July 2008 is Dr. Vinay Ishnava. He will get Appreciation certificate from .


Dr. Vinay Ishnava,

6 prakash park, near mother school

Gotri road, Baroda, Gujrat.

Diagnostic Quiz

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1. Visual Quiz

Diagnose the skin disease from above photograph of patient is having burning pain, itching, fever, headachae, oversensitive to pain & to touch.



2. Radiological Quiz

Diagnose the condition of the patient from above Barium Meal film showing 'Birdís beak appearance' .



3. Find the similimum of the following case

A female patient aged 15/F exposed to Sunheat & having profuse Diarrhoea & Vomiting with weakness & prostration, BP 80/50 mm Hg, Fever 101'F, cold perspiration on forehead, so weak that slightest walking causes fainting, unquenchable thirst for cold water,




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Send your answers up to15/05/2009 with your name, address & email ids.

Name of correct entries will be displayed in next issue. He will get Appreciation certificate from us.

Lucky winner will be only one amongst correct entries will be selected by Lucky draw and will get special prize from us.