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Cause Of Hair Loss In Men:
The cause of hair loss in men is very similar to the cause of hair loss in women when it comes to the medical aspect of hair loss. There are some diseases and medications that can cause men to lose their hair and in some cases it is inherited.  However men don't usually lose hair because of mismanagement of chemicals, such as those used in dyse or braids and things like that as women do. Nevertheless balding is a bigger problem with men's hair loss than with women.

Balding is a normal process that develops in certain degrees in all men. This process is influenced by the male hormone called androgen. Hormones are produced in the body and send massages to stimulate every part of the body and this includes the follicles of the hair. Balding can also be passed down from generation to generation and can be inherited from both sides of the family.

Balding is due to a progressive miniaturization of individual hair follicles which become smaller and have shorter growth cycles. The hairs become smaller and narrower and the number of follicles remains the same. A man that is bald has the same number of follicles in his head as a man with a full head of hair.

The extent of the baldness varies as some men have a small recession of hair in the front while some lose their hair on the center of the scalp, which ends up as a bald spot and some end up with just a thinning of the hair all over the head or the extreme is complete baldness.

There are some things that can be done for baldness if the causes are such things as ringworm. This is where small patches of hair loss occur but it is associated with the ringworm itself, which can be treated with medication with good results.

Causes of Hair loss in Females

Cause Of Female Hairloss

There are many reasons that can be the cause of female hairloss. We all lose a certain amount of hair on a daily basis, but with some people this hair loss can become extreme. An illness can be one of those reasons that would make some of our hair fall out and hormonal problems can also have the same effect in women. If you have an overactive or underactive thyroid problem, you can end up with the same problem. There are also medicines that can cause hair loss as well as some infections, such as a fungal infection of the scalp. There is also a threat to the hair if you have diseases such as diabetes or lupus. Women can also become bald as well as men. This happens when the hair starts thinning drastically over the entire head.

Hair loss can also be attributed to mismanagement of your hair. If your hair is not properly taken care of, it will start breaking down and falling out. This applies to people that wear pigtails or corn rows and also those that damage their hair by using too many chemicals on the hair, such as those used in the dying process. In this case you can develop what is known as alopecia and this involves excessive pulling of the hair especially along the facial area. If this is continued, it can lead to scarring of the scalp and the hair will not grow back in these areas. Perms and the chemicals used for them can also cause this problem such as scaring and hair loss, as well as hair rollers, braids and weaves.

Today's hairdressers are moving toward the more natural look in women's hair. There are many things that you will find on the market that will give you the look you want without doing damage to the roots of your hair. The only way to go in the present day world is natural for a look of healthy happy hair.

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