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Hashimoto’s thyroiditis or chronic lymphocytic thyroiditis is the most common of form of thyroid disorder found especially in the female population of the world. An autoimmune disorder   with strong family history of thyroid or other autoimmune disorders.


                     Hashimoto’s thyroiditis an autoimmune  disorder  is found to be in people who had gone through severe stress for a prolonged period. Autoimmunity   is an abnormal immune response by the body in which immune system directs its attack on its own organs and tissues. although  there are so many hypotheses &theories are there to elucidate the mystery of autoimmune attack which is still obscure ,the scientific world has accepted that stress is an important contributory and etiological factor which trigger such an abnormal immune response. In chronic lymphocytic thyroiditis thyroid gland is subjected to autoimmune attack   raising the level of auto antibodies in serum-antimicrosomal &antithyroglobulin antibodies. stress  induced adrenal secretions of cortisol accelerates the condition


                     Hashimoto’s thyroiditis was first described by a Japanese physician Hakaru  Hashimoto. This   disorder is characterized by uniformly enlarged thyroid with semi firm or firm consistency .in occasional cases enlargement may be asymmetric or nodular .gland   may be infiltrated by lymphocytes . tissues   may be degenerated at places and may be replaced by fibrous tissue.


                   This disorder shows female preponderance with insidious asymptomatic onset . the chief complaint would be goitrous  enlargement with pain and tenderness in the beginning. earlier   hashimotos  thyroiditis patients may show increased thyroid function  indicating hyperthyroidism on tft which may ultimately terminate in hypothyroidism.

Hashimotos also presents with bradycardia .fatigue,chilliness , weight gain ,high cholesterol,hypoglycaemia,memory loss,constipation,hairloss,tender neck swelling, menstrual

 irregularities etc.


hashimoto’s thyroiditis may be found in association with papillary carcinoma of thyroid though it is not so common.

If untreated hashi may ultimately lead to muscle failure,possible heart failure.


Dignosis of hashi requires strong clinical suspicion in cases presenting with hypothyroidism and tender neck swelling.

Tft may show hyper,euthyroid or hypothyroid state.


Usg reveals thyroditis features.serum may show antithyroid autoantibodies.biopsy confirms with findings of lymphocytic infiltration.


Management.-general-medicinal management is sufficient except in cases with severe pressure symptoms and cases suspicious of malignancy .post surgical hormonal therapy is done in mdern medicine.allopathy.


Homoeopathic management


In medicinally manageable cases well selected homoeopathic constitutional remedy  and tinctures stimulating thyroid activity establishes good cure..commonly indicated medicines are calc.carb,natrum mur,lycopodium,lycopus ,etc.



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