School of Homoeopathy


Indian Homoeopathic Medical Association (IHMA) has charted out a specific training programme for the graduates of Homoeopathy. We understand the dilemma faced by the young Homoeopaths who have graduated from even the best Institute of country.  This lack of confidence of the fresh graduate is due to improper clinical facilities and associated skills imparted by the present curriculum.

IHMa School of Homoeopathy proposes a comprehensive package imparting meticulous personnel training for cultivating the necessary skills  which are essential for cultivating the necessary skills which are essential for homoeopathic practice. This certificate course, Basic Training programme in the practice of homoeopathy incorporates theorotical and clinical training of topmost standards at renowned centres in Kerala. This course wil boost the moral of each and every participant.

Do not miss this rare opportunity.

For Further information visit our website www.ihma.in or contact the director.

Dr. S. Sreejeev                                                                                                 Dr. K.N. Pai

National President                                                                                                 Director

IHMA                                                                                                    IHMA School of Homoeopathy