MOST 2007- A Report


Dr.K.R.Mansoor Ali

Chief Co-ordinator 

Medical  Officer Structured Training (MOST -2007)- Competitive exam training programme -  organized by Indian Homeopathic Medical Association (IHMA)Kerala chapter  concluded with a state wide model exam on 23rd September 2007. Training programme started   with TOT (Training Of Trainers)  to activate as well as to format faculties and resource persons after screening by an expert committee on 13th May 2007 at 10 centers in Kerala. 

Every center in Kerala  packed with participants. The first class was on How to prepare for competitive exams. 29 sets of well equipped rank files covering all the 12 subjects of BHMS, systematically prepared by an erudite team of authors , who had cracked   several competitive exams,   which provide comprehensive outline to the essential content with summaries and tables  were distributed to aspirants. 

28 classes including a model exam were conducted in all centers . MOST -07 had become a historical success and golden feather in the hat of IHMA Kerala perhaps in India also . Because 85 out of 100 questions were asked from this rank file  in Kerala Public Service Commission exam on 6th October 07. (  

We had assured all the candidates in the first class itself that "Previous question papers show that plenty of questions were asked from Allen's key notes. Candidates should have thorough knowledge of all medicines in Key note"-(Rank file.1,Page.2.How to prepare for competitive exams).Likewise in this exam also 29 questions were from Allen's Key note. All the district co-ordinators deserves applaud for their remarkable effort for the success of MOST-07.