HARC celebrated Diwali festival with AIDS affected children at Parbhani


 On 27th October Homoeopathic Academy of Research & Charities has organized a program at 'Jeevanrekha Balgrih' run by Nari Vikas Mandal, Parbhani for AIDS affected children. Team of HARC went there are distributed one month 'Sprout Material to Care taker of society which will be used as Nutritious breakfast daily morning. Also served Nutritious foods to children. In this Program in the presidential address by Adv M. K. Ubale said that such type of program are very necessary in this society, there is need to gather all active social worker & to work for the health benefit of these children. Art of Living Teacher Mr. Ambekar says that we are planning to conduct educational program which will help to build up mental & physical health of these children, to gain confidence in these children so they should not think they are different from society. We will plan to mix up them with our society. Mr. Prashant Yeldarkar, Dr. Nikhil Kendrekar, Mr. Ambadas Akulwad had organized 'Drawing competition' for these children. Students had actively involved in this competition  and enjoyed it. HARC planned to start Education for these children on weekly basis so that they can read & write. In the evening Dr. Pawan S. Chandak, Dr. Nikhil Kendrekar & Mr. Ambadas Akulwad celebrated Diwali with these children.

Dr. Pawan S. Chandak, Dr. Mrs. Asha Chandak, Mr. Ambadas Akulwad, Mr. Kailash Sulsule, Rahul Patange, Satyanarayan Chandak, Mrs Basanti Chandak, Dr. Nikhil Kendrekar, Prashant Yeldarkar has taken efforts to success this event.


 HARC celebrated World AIDS Day with AIDS affected children

On 1st December 2008 Homoeopathic Academy of Research & Charities members & office Bearers celebrated World AIDS Day with AIDS affected children at Jeevanrekha Balgriha, Parbhani. President of HARC Dr Pawan S Chandak has gifted Water Filter to President of Jeevanrekha Balgriha 'Mr. Javed Faruki' to solve water born infection problem. In this whole weekend HARC provided Nutritious Foods to children's of Jeevanrekha.

On this occasion Dr Nikhil Kendrekar, Dr. Shrigopal Darak, Mr. Ambadas Akulwad, Care Taker Smt. Savitra Puri.


HARC President visited Snehalaya at Ahmednagar

HARC president Dr Pawan S Chandak visited Snehalaya Centre on 28th December 2008. Snehalaya is rehabilitation centre for HIV AIDS peoples at Ahmednagar, Maharashtra. 


Dr Pawan S Chandak, Dr Mrs Asha P Chandak visited Snehalaya & tried to understand their work. In photo President of Snehalaya Mr Singhwi, President of HARC Dr Pawan S Chandak, Dr Mrs Asha P Chandak, Mr Mantri are present.


AIDS & Homoeopathy Exhibition on occasional of Religious Festival from 1st February – 10th February 2009 at Parbhani

Every year ‘Turat Peer Dargah Festival’ celebrated at Parbhani where more than 15 lakh people gather & celebrate it where lots of exhibition, entertainment programs arranged. So on this occasion to bring awareness about Homoeopathy in AIDS & about our TUBAID project we arranged Exhibition stall at Parbhani in which educational posters, charts, Homoeopathy & AIDS awareness charts presented. Many people came for enquiry of it.  

For the success of this camp / Exhibition Dr Pawan S Chandak, Dr Srigopal Darak, Mr Ambadas Akulwad, Dr Mahendra Gaushal, Dr Asha Chandak, Adv M K Ubale, Dr Shailesh Mantri, Dr Sachin Mantri, Dr Nikhil Kendrekar, Mr Shyam Saraf, Dr Anjali Kale has taken great efforts. Also Camp assistant Raju Mohite & Raju Bandgar has played important role in instructing people.



Free Homoeopathic Medical Camp organized by HARC (Homoeopathic Academy of Research & Charities) on 10th April 2009 at Parbhani


Homoeopathic Academy of Research & Charities had organized Free Medical Camp on 10th April 2009 at Shaktibrahma Homoeo Care Shivaji Nagar, Parbhani.

In this camp Dr Pawan S Chandak, Dr Mrs Asha P Chandak, Dr Vasant Garad & Dr Anjali Kale had given Homoeopathic treatment to 81 patients of various diseases like Psoriasis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, HIV AIDS, Venereal disease, skin disease, Eczema, Allergic Dermatitis, Vitiligo, Acid Peptic Disease, Asthma, Migraine, Gall stone, Renal stone, Sunstroke,  Tobacco & Alcohol addiction, Schizophrenia, Menstrual problems etc.

This camp was inaugurated by Senior citizen Mr Panditrao & Adv Modani as chief guest & Mr S R Chandak, Mr Ambadas Akulwad are present. Dr Asha Chandak has given speech on World Homoeopathic Day & Dr Pawan S Chandak highlighted  situation of Homoeopathy & its progress since discovery till now.

Mr Ambadas Akulwad has given vote of thanks. For the success of this camp Dr Pawan Chandak, Mr Ambadas Akulwad, Raju Mohite has taken great efforts.

Homoeopathy & AIDS (TUBAID Project) 

Dr Pawan S Chandak & 'Homoeopathic Academy of Research & Charities'  in cooperation with Dr George Loukas & DIETHNIS ORGANOSI OMOIOPATHITIKIS ALLILEGGIIS, Athens, Greece are running 'TUBAID Project' since October 2008 with financial contribution from DR George Loukas & his organization 'DIETHNIS ORGANOSI OMOIOPATHITIKIS ALLILEGGIIS'.

At present HARC is doing research in 'Efficacy of Homoeopathic Medicines in the management of HIV Infection'. Since October 2008 to January 2009 we have more than 75 patients in our Case Register. We are doing this research Since March 2008. This Research we are doing under Principle Investigator - Dr. Pawan S. Chandak & Co-Investigator Dr. Mrs. Asha Pawan Chandak. We are giving Free Homoeopathic Treatment to suffering HIV positive patients. We are keeping & following basic parameters to judge the improvement in patient.

In each patients we are taking their detail case history, Investigations like Tridot Test, Complete Blood count, ESR, Liver Function test, Kidney unction Test, Sputum Test in suspected patient, immunological investigations like Cd4 count, Viral load. In suspected case X ray.

Following details enclosed mentioning in brief work of project


Its results are published in National & International Journal like ‘Homoeopathic Medical Panorama’ & ‘Homoeobuzz’ in recent issue December 2008.

Also its copy is published in ‘National Jornal of Homoeopathy’ December issue too.

Its article copy is attached.




In this project we are receiving active financial support from Dr George Loukas Greece & his organization ‘'DIETHNIS ORGANOSI OMOIOPATHITIKIS ALLILEGGIIS'.

Our Team

Principle Investigator:         Dr Pawan S Chandak

Co-Investigator:                  Dr Mrs. Asha Pawan Chandak

Research Consultant:         Dr Shrigopal K Darak, Dr Shweta Bughdani

Research / Medical   :        Dr Anjali Kale


Allopathic Expert:              Dr Sachin Mantri

Lab Consultant:                 Dr Vikas Dharmadhikari MD(Path)

Publishing Ceremony of 'SPARSH' Souvenir on 1st May 2009

Homoeopathic Academy of Research & Charities published souveniar 'SPARSH' on the basis of work done by HARC on AIDS Awareness & Homoeopathic Treatment program since October & TUBAID Project. This book is released by District Health officer of Parbhani Dr Hashmi on occasion of Maharashtra day at Shivaji Nagar, Parbhani. On this occasion Dr Hashmi, Mr Gundu & Smt Manure has given valuable speeches & given best wishes to HARC & team. On this occasion DR Dharmadhikari, Dr Darak, Mr Raju Mogarkar, Mr Nayaran Joshi, Mr Shinde, Pankaj Chandak, Mr Deshpande, Mr Mule are present. For the success of this program & Souvenir Dr Pawan S Chandak, Dr Mrs Asha P Chandak, Dr Anjali Kale, Mr Ambadas Akulwad, Raju Mohite has taken great efforts.    

Supportive Treatment to AIDS patients:

With Homoeopathic Medicines we have tried to concentrate on Supportive management like Multivitamins, Antioxidants, Multiminerals, Haematinics, and In Diarrhoea cases Oral Rehydrating fluid given.

In poor HIV patient we had started Nutritious food diets & supplements from our Trust.

Psychological Counseling & Support: As patients are depressed & have no hope for living Life  in that cases we had given & giving constant psychotherapy, Meditation, Positive attitude towards life, Educational programs, Sex education, Sports, Exercises, Yoga, Pranayamas etc.