This article is  published in 'National Journal of Homoeopathy' December 2008 issue.

Studies on the efficacy of Homoeopathic preparation TUBAID (AIDS Nosode) in the management of HIV Infection.

(Study Report till December 2008 on the basis of Clinical Experience)


Dr. Pawan S. Chandak (Parbhani, India) & Dr. George Loukas (Athens, Greece)



Homoeopathy and AIDS

AIDS is the most dangerous disease the world is facing today. World Health Organization estimates a cumulative total of over 40 million people infected by the year 2000.

 So far, there has been no definite treatment in Allopathy for this disease. AIDS is immune depletion supreme. Homoeopathy offers restoration of health by restoring the depleted immunity.



This article is the result of clinical experience of using a new preparation, i.e. TUB. In February 2008 we prepared this medicine from the serum of a severely ill dying HIV positive patient & potentiated it at 30, 200, 1 M centesimal potency.

Dr. Harimohan Choudhari in his book ‘Indication of Miasm’ states that Nosode of AIDS is absolutely necessary in these cases. Perhaps that will be one of the very successful curative and preventive remedies against this dreadful disease. AIDS Nosode will be a dependable weapon against AIDS as Syphilinum against syphilis, Carcinocinum against cancer, Tuberculinum, Psorinum, Medorrhinum, etc against tubercular, psoric and sycotic miasm. So homeopaths have nothing to worry or feel bewildered about with any so-called “new” disease. Rational & Dialectical application of homoeopathic principles and doctrines, which are based on infallible laws of nature, in any disease state (acute or chronic, old or so-called “new”), since the same curable condition has to be cured with homoeopathic treatment.

The remedy was prepared by ‘Homoeopathic International’ Pharmacy of Calcutta at 30, 200, 1 M centesimal potencies. The preparation was named TUB. Dr Pawan started administering the remedy to patients and recording results.

The planned was to give TUB, at 30 potency, in weekly repetition for the first 3 months, 200 potency at 15 day-interval repetition for the next 3 months & then 1 M in monthly repetition doses.

Since AIDS is related to an immunity disorder, there is an urgent need to correlate Homoeopathic success in AIDS cases with improvement in immuno-modulatory activities.

Total 72 cases are being studied since June 2008 including some cases treated with the ART management.

After detail homoeopathic case-taking we prescribed TUBAID at 30 potency to all cases in prescribed weekly doses.

Various parameters are set to find the changes in the patient’s condition. (1 to 19 parameters)


Methods & Material:

Patients are evaluated through detailed Homoeopathic case-taking finding the origin, development & progress of the disease with six modification of a complete symptom.

Since patients are of a poor economical status, they can’t afford costly investigations modalities & also treatment. So we are giving Free of cost treatment to patients. Food habits of patient are also of low quality. Many of patients has been separated from their families & been neglected by Society. The environment, in which patient are living, are full of dirty, poor hygienic condition, lack of employment, lack of nutritional food support. Even patient’s are such a poor that they can not afford 2 times foods for their family.

Most serious thing we observed about 12 HIV + Children (Child Care Centre) children that in this month they had not received their regular food from concerned Care Taking Organizations so there was some nutrition related health problems observed in children.

Only our medicines like TUB or just Multivitamins are insufficient to control their hunger. Special care & support needed.

Patients are living in an area near Parbhani District. They are within 70 km from Parbhani city.

We are taking care of HIV positive children of one Child Care Centre for HIV positive children.

As per Homoeopathic Case-Taking system we are taking detailed case history including current complaints, past history, family history, general physical examination, such as Pulse, BP, temperature, Weight and, if necessary, systemic examination. History is only as per available sources. Not only many patients are not willing to give a detailed case history but many are children and even their care-givers are less aware of Homoeopathic Case-History formats. So we tried our level best to collect histories in detail.

In Follow-up we have given importance to common parameters like chest pain, cough, Diarrhea & vomiting, Headaches, Body pain, Appetite, Weight gain & loss, vertigo/giddiness, tiredness/weakness, Joint pains/Muscle pains.



After finding similimum 1 to 19 parameters have been set. Patients are evaluated every 10th day of the prescription. Grades are given to state to what extent the patient complaints about Impairment when choosing one action only.

0          1          2          3          4          5          (0= Not at all ……to ….5= very much so)

Karnofsky Score

100 Normal, 90 Normal Minor symptoms, 80 Normal, moderate symptoms, 70 looks after oneself but can’t work, 60 needs some assistance, mostly self-sufficient, 50 Frequent support needed and use  of medicines, 40 Disabled, Special care needed, 30 severely disabled, hospital care needed, no acute danger, 20 seriously sick in hospital, 10 dying, 0 dead.



As Homoeopathic preparation ‘TUB 30’ (AIDS Nosode) started in weekly doses symptoms started reducing in intensity.

Patients started gaining weight & their appetite improved.

Oral Candidial infection was also reduced in just one week.

Improvement of Diarrhea & vomiting.

Itching in herpes skin infection & eruption started reducing in most cases.

Molluscum in most of the cases started reducing.

Herpes complaints also reduced.

Herpes Zoaster cured completely.

Patients respond quickly to all skin infection as their skin problems start improving from one week to one month.

Oral Candidial & yeast infection improvement: 100 % in just one week.

CD4 count: 16 of one Patient who was critically ill came to normal with improvement in oral yeast infection, loss of appetite, diarrhea & vomiting came to normal in just one month.

Patients respond quickly to all skin infection as their skin problems start improving from one week to one month. But in unhygienic habits in patient & surrounding unhygienic environment it takes time to improve. So we provided good hygienic care and homoeopathic medicinal support which helped us in treating skin infections.

That patient’s whose platelet decreased in last month was came to normal.

Many patients’ CD4 count has been improved.

Those patient’s whose CD4 count was same means less than 100 even such a less CD4 count patient living normal & healthy life without any problems. Thee are some patient whose CD4 count is 90, 79, 84 but feeling better & other Clinical results & hematological results like Hb, WBC, RBC within normal range.

Many patients’ Hemoglobin came to normal.

Due to TUB those patent who are on ART (Anti-Retroviral Treatment) in which there is chance for hepato-toxicity with disturbed Liver Function Test range in that cases they are responding well with normal Liver Function & Kidney Function Test. SGOT, SGPT ranges are normal.

In some patient there is recurrent history of pustular skin eruption due to poor hygiene & unclean habit. That was managed later on with good care.

Some patients were having recurrent Indigestion troubles & Diarrhoea due to irregular food habits & coarse foods like Bananas, Biscuits and impure drinking water etc. That was managed now with good Care & Supply of Pure water Facility by our team providing Water Filter as well as Nutritious Foods.


Abstract of cases:


As the project is ongoing, the detailed conclusions are still pending; however, current results are very encouraging.

CD4 Count:



Name of Patient

CD4 Before Treatment

CD4 After Treatment
















































Tridot Test Results:


After giving TUB following patient’s tridot reports changes occurred.


Serial No

Name of Patient

Before Treatment

After Treatment by TUB



Reactive for HIV I & II

Reactive for I only



Reactive for I & II

Reactive for I only



Reactive for I & II

Reactive for I only



Reactive for I & II

Reactive for I only




Weakly Positive for I



Reactive for I & II

Reactive for I only

CD4 Count:Chart


Authors & Team:

Principle Investigator:   Dr Pawan S Chandak BHMS

Co-Investigator:            Dr Mrs. Asha Pawan Chandak BHMS

Research Consultant:  Dr Shrigopal K Darak MD(Hom)

Research / Medical   : Dr Anjali Kale BHMS


Allopathic Expert:        Dr Sachin Mantri MBBS


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© Dr. Pawan S. Chandak (Parbhani, India) & Dr. George Loukas (Athens, Greece)