International Vocational Training Course-2008  

Predictive  Homoeopathy  in GOA Feb.2008

Simultaneously swim in the vast Homoeopathic knowledge of Predictive Homoeopathy  and The Arabian sea

Be ready To Help The Helpless with Homoeopathy---and show the world that Hahnemann did not live in vain!

GOOD NEWS! : Predictive Homoeopathy continues its good work of treating hopeless cases!    The number of cases seen during Mahabaleshwar 2007 has now swelled to 850. Most of the cases of deaf, dumb, blind, mental retardation have responded favourably.  Their video cases will be shown during the February 2008 Vocational Training Course at Goa.


Predictive Homoeopathy is conducting two Vocational Training Courses in Goa in  February 2008.



Dates February 2008


Module-I & II (Concise and combined)


8,9,10 February 2008

470 euros inclusive of

lectures+ Accommodation , All meals  ( Breakfast, Lunch, Tea & Dinner) for 4 days

Module-III advanced 

Those who have attended I & II

11th to 17th February, 2008 Course

- 7 hrs daily


(11th to 15th Lectures+Live Case)   (16th & 17th Feb. 2 days??? Practical training camp)

Daily  schedule will be as follows:-

Morning Session: 9 am to 12.30 pm

12.30 to 3.30 pm Lunch and Swim

Evening Session: 3.30 pm to 5.30 pm Lecture

5.30 pm onwards Live Case Solving

900 euros course fees +  

Optional: (Accommodation ,  Breakfast, and Dinner can be arranged on prior request  at: Resorte Terra Paraiso, Porvorim Beach, Goa  @ 300 euros. This resort is next to the beach and has a  swimming pool.

This offer  is limited to those who confirm participation before 30-11-2007 (from 10-02-08 evening     to departure date 18-02-08 morning ? 8 days)

Venue of Course: Resorte Marinha Dourada, Near Baga Beach, Bardez, Goa.  This is 15 minutes walk from Resort Terra Paraiso.  Organisers will try to provide free transportation between this hotel and venue.  The Course fee also includes free airport transfer between Goa airport and Resort Terra Paraiso.

Every delegate will have opportunity to put into practice their knowledge in Practical Training Camp on live patients 16th and 17th February,2008: Homoeopathic Hospital, Goa.

Course language will be English.

Fees   :  Does not include translator/translation system.  Translation system can be arranged on prior request for a group of 10 or more (at extra cost).

N O T E : Delegates have to reach Goa latest by 10th February, 2008 (for Module III) and latest by 7th February, 2008 for Modules I & II , at their individual cost.

Delegates desirous of participating in Practical Training Sessions in PredictiveHomoeopathy faculty members clinics  at Mumbai,   shall enroll themselves latest by 31-12-2007.  The extra charges payable are: Euro 200 for one week, Euro 300 for two weeks.  (Three Days in a Week).  The Practical Training Sessions will begin after conclusion of the Module III.


What you will learn in module I    (a) How practice of Homoeopathy can be Predictive. How to know whether prescription is right or wrong through study of Embryology. Difference between Cure and Suppression, (b) Miasms at  physical level.  Its real meaning in terms of Bio ? Physiology and Genetics. (c) Arriving at the right Similimum through genetic code interpretation.(d) Acute illnesses -how to get certain results using Chart of Acutes.


What you learn in module II:-  (a) Miasms in further detail : on mental plane ? Psora, Sycosis, Syphillis mind rubrics, Miasms on physical plane + rubrics, Miasms effects on generals +  rubrics, Miasms in dreams, Miasms in Pathology, Predictive tri ? miasmatic materia medica; Paediatrics. Different approaches advised in Organon.

What you learn in module III  -  COURSE  FOR INCURABLE DISEASES:-  (Eligibility:   This course  is designed for those who have already attended the primary courses Module-I and Module II).  This course helps one to increase the knowledge and create an expertise in handling terminal cases emergencies and irreversible pathologies and comas.  The study includes  expert  use  of repertory, understanding  syphilis miasm in detail, picking up syphilitic rubrics to make one an expert in fast prescribing.  This course also helps in picking up ?right symptoms?  for prescribing out of 100s of  symptoms .


1.  MATERIA MEDICA ? PREDICTIVE STYLE with detailed sensitivities of 40 drugs, according to Maschlow?s theory of hierarchy.

2.  Understanding Syphilitic rubrics, Grading syphilitic rubrics in 6  different types

3. Identifying types of syphilitic rubrics and arranging in order of importance .

4.   Approach to cases like   Cancers, AIDS, Mental Retardation, Insanity etc.

5.  and much more in terms of actual experience that will enhance your confidence with special emphasis on answering your queries??.

For more information and registration  contact: Mr K V Sundaresan at:                           

)                                                                                   (iii)

Note:  Circular 4 will provide  you details about:  (i) advance payable on confirmation of participation, (ii) how to remit/transfer payment of course fees (iii) forfeiture of  advance payment in case of ?no-show? or ?non-participation?, (iv) airport transfers (Mumbai and  Goa), (v)  contact person for Visa requirements, (vi) your arrival/departure schedules to be informed in advance (vii) registration for Practical Training in Dr Predictive Homoeopathy faculty members clinic at Mumbai.