What is the mission of Homeopath ?

To just earn degrees like PG (Homoeopathy), DI (HOm) London , MD (Hom) External etc ….




Before writing this article I just want to clear that I am a simple Homoeopathic Practitioner who is practicing in small town called Parbhani, Maharashtra. Where awareness of Homoeopathy is very poor but I don’t want to blame my town or people of town as we homeopaths are itself responsible for it.


AS you all aware that nowadays some of our Homeopaths are running  behind Glamour of Degrees like DI Hom (London) External MD (Homoeopathy), PG (Homoeopathy) etc & many more. AS even after having the perfect qualification called BHMS they want to get degrees like External MD where no need to attend college, no need to attend OPDS & IPDS, just give exam & take degree so called ‘Postal Graduate in Homoeopathy’ in my understanding.

But I am not against Regular MD as there are few institution in Mumbai, Kerala, Kolkata, New Delhi, Bhubaneshwar, Hyderabad, Tamilnadu where actual clinical exposure given & attendance & involvement in OPDs as well as IPDS is must with Live Clnical demonstration of cases.


But still 70 % institutes running PG courses are having sub standard quality & infrastructure, very less patients in OPDS, IPDS just opened when CCH inspect them even after there is Big market of MD Regular courses as every time some new colleges are opening up which is not having standard as per CCH norms but it is recognized by CCH or Colleges are making money but I don’t want to blame CCH President, vide president, Deputy directors of Homoeopathy at state & national level as we Homeopaths are again responsible for it. As we are running behind such qualifications. 


Where in another case Homeopath want some qualification just to show off on their Board called PG Hom London. As they feel that they will get International name by just sitting at home as no need to attend Homoeopathic Hospital, to see actual cases, to see actual disease condition, to understand suffering of patient, just watch video at home & learn & pay Fees in huge amount & get degree called ‘PG Hom London’.


Do you think that such things are upgrading our science ?

Do you think that Peoples start accepting Homeopaths just by seeing the degrees on boards  like DI Hom (London), External MD (Hom), PG Hom London ?

Or they need an Qualified Homeopath which is recognized by CCH but having knowledge of disease, knowledge of drug & application of disease knowledge to drug knowledge which is only achieved by Practical as well as theoretical study in 5 ½ year courses with Clinical exposure in various departments like Paediatrics, Gynaecology, Surgery, Medicine, Orthro, Neuro, Dermatology, Nephrology, GIT etc.


If we think positively here are some good Homeopaths through their institutes, clinics, Hospitals they are educating our young Homeopaths like Aditya Hospital Pune, ICR ML Dhawale Institute, Predictive Homoeopathy, Homoeopaths from Kerala having number of patients where patients are managed at OPD as well as IPD level depending upon condition of patient & actual clinical knowledge has been given to them.


But still in majority after passing BHMS students join Allopathic Hospital just for Surgery, Pediatrics, Gynecology exposure where they grasp just how that particular Doctor diagnose it & which Allopathic medicine was given but nobody think if in such cases Homoeopathic Medicines will be given what will be its drug action, how it will act, how much time it will take get results, which potency chose, how many times it will be repeated.

But NO NO NO they understand just allopathic brand name and slowly their thinking changed as they gone for Clinical knowledge and now converted to so called General Allopathic Practitioner called ‘GP’.  Now they start thinking to go in Rural or Taluq places starting Homoeopathy.

Most surprising thing that on their letter pad they write CCH, CGO etc then General Physician, Surgeon, Paediatrics, Gynaecologist, at last ‘Homoeopathic Physician’.

And the result is 70 % Homeopath in Maharashtra after passing BHMS  they are doing Allopathic Practice.

But Govt Board like MCH, CCH, Director of Drug Department, Health Dept are just neglecting such issues.


Anyway now about Research as everyday science progressing with newer discoveries as Allopathy being ancient science but still everyday they are doing newer research.

But What’s about Homoeopathy ?????

As after having excellent result in each individual cases of disease we being criticised by so called various Allopathic Organizations, WHO, British Media, Lancet under the pressure of Allopathic Pharmaceutical Cos.


As from simple illness Common cold, coryza, Viral Fever, skin disease  to so called grave disease called AIDS, cancer Homeopaths are managing it with true & scientific results of Homoeopathic medicines successfully.

But still to start any Homoeopathic Project in AIDS we need permission from NACO then comes our CCRH, AYUSH.

Every day NACO & various AIDS organizations are promoting ART drugs for AIDS patient with CD4 count below 250 but nobody think of starting Homoeopathic Treatment for them.

As since 1990 till today our CCRH & many NGOS in India has done great job in the field of ‘Homoeopathic Management of AIDS, various opportunistic infection in AIDS by decreasing viral load & improving CD4 counts’

But still ART Dept says NO Homoeopathy to HIV + patients.


So in just short paragraph I appeal all my respected Homeopaths that please don’t run behind such sub standard qualification which is just for show off.

But try to work for our real mission is to cure suffering of patient in rapid, gentle, safe & harmless way with permanent cure.

Work hard to get clinical knowledge, understand suffering of patient, apply Homoeopathic approaches, what we have learn from organon of Medicine & Homoeopathic

Philosophy, apply Materia Medica, Repertory knowledge.

Definitely that day is near where Homeopathy is treated as ‘Modern Medicine’ as it will the super most science in the world.


Thank you,


Yours truly,


Article by

Dr. Pawan S. Chandak

‘Shradha’ Vishnu nagar,

Basmat Road, Parbhani 431401

Maharashtra, India

Cell: 9422924861

Email: pavanchandak498@gmail.com

Website: http://www.modernhomoeopathy.com



Feedbacks received from Respected Homeopaths


1) Dr S Vithal

Yes Dr.Pawan, you are right. This is the condition of our great science in our great country.
I am in this field since last 30yrs, having my own Homoeo hospital with IPD/OPD & other facilities. I give free clinical training to neo-homoeopathic drs/intern that too without any fee. More than 400 of them have already gone & having very good results in Govt or private fields.I use to travel throughout India that too without any charges to spread right type of homoeopathy. As for i know flaw lies in our educational institutions from where only BHMS or MD degees are given.No clinical or practical training is provided; ie why or studentd donot have any interest in homoeo subjects. I have given all this in deatils in my website www.drvithal.com

Dr. S. S. Vithal MD 


2) Dr Govind Titar (Deputy Director of Homoeopathy, Maharashtra)

partially true.i like most of the views.


Dr G P Titar



3) Dr Rajendran

i am very eager to study in homoepathy.  please send messages then and there about thereapy, mind syptoms,and repetratory. and clinical cases. thanking you sir


4) Dr Dev Sathe

Dear Dr,

           You are absolutely correct.I have passed my L.C.E.H.
in 1978. For such long years I have not seen any improvement in any institution as well as govt policies . My dear friend for present situation we are responsible because we are not able to give perfect Thur. method in Homoeopathy to tackle emergencies.We must have specific method to control emer. situations . In village areas 78% cases are of emergency. Now please tell me how a practioner can handle it without allopathic med.?
I am practicing here in kokan for last 25 years . this my personal exp. in this field . i alaways treat my pts with homoeopathy only expect all cases of emergencies.

                                              Now how can we blame to homoeopaths?