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Monthly E-Newsletter October 2007

A Case of Left Sided Ovarian Cyst Cured by Homoeopathy


Dr. Shangaloo


Mrs. Maimunnissa Age – 26 year 
Ultrasound-dated- 9.12.2003 -Shows left ovarian cyst measuring 112 x 89 mm. 
Present Complaints- 
Since puberty menses lasted one day only, got D and C done, then menses lasted 3 day but bleeding always less. All the complaints started after puberty. There is no pain in menses.  
Occasional stitching pain in left Ovary, pain extending upwards > pressure. 
Bleeding of bright red blood with dark small stringy clots.  
No leucorrhoea.  
Numbness of both hands and legs.  
Mind: irritable but able to express. 
Sensation as if an animal is moving in the stomach. 
Appetite – More but weight constant. 
Thirst – Normal 
Stool – Clear. 
Past Complaints  
Burning during urination 2 year back. 
Severe pain in the back - worse first motion relieved by continued motion. Pulsating pain.  
Typhoid – once- one month’s back also complicated to brain fever.  
Frequent attacks of fever with chill along with pain in body and shivering. Shivering with thirst towards evening 6pm to 2am- Fever not now, stopped after allopathic medicine eight month before the start of menses. 
Family History- 
Father – Normal 
Mother – Heart problem.  
Analysis of the case- 
As it is clear from the case history of the patient that her complaint started after suppression of fever from allopathic medicines, so we decided to start the case from the medicine indicated in the fever at that time, also keeping in mind her present complaints 
Symptoms used for first prescription – 
 1.Fever from 6pm to 2am (C.M.Boger -Time of the remedies and moon phases, page 32; 
6p.m.: Sepia, sulphur. 
2.Shivering with thirst; worse, toward evening (William Boericke Materia Medica, page-588, SEPIA- Fever- - Shivering with thirst; worse, towards evening).                   
3.Menses scanty lasted one day only before D&C (Kent’s repertory, page 728, Genitalia- Female: Menses, scanty; short duration-one day only—SEPIA grade-1). 
4.Stitching pain in left ovary (Kent’s repertory, page-742, Pain, stitching, ovaries; Left: sepia grade-1). 
5.All the complaint started after puberty (Lotous Materia Medica by Robin Murphy, Sepia, page-1595, Female – Never well since puberty). 
6. Sensation of animal moving in the stomach (“ Sensation as if- A repertory of subjective symptoms by HERBERT A. ROBERTS, M.D. Page260, STOMACH- Animal were moving about in stomach-SEPIA). 
First Prescription – 
SEPIA-200 was given on 8.1.2004 two doses at 15 minutes interval once a week. 
First follow-up- 
Patient cane on 14.1.2004 with feeling of some improvement, so the same medicine was continued as stated above.  
Second ultrasound- dated 6.4.2004 – Left ovary is large and cystic with a few fine septae within. Wall appears smooth. Size 7.8*5.6*5.0cm. 
Second follow-up  -
Patient came on 6.4.2004 with above mentioned ultrasound report, showing great deal of improvement. The same medicine was continued. 
Third follow up – 
Patient came on 14.11.2004 with acute attack of pain in lower abdomen (throbbing pain) pain increases and decreases suddenly not relieved by pressure-Belladonna 1000 was given three doses at 10mintes interval keeping in mind the intensity of the pain. 
(Kent’s Repertory, page1377, Generalities: Pain; appears suddenly-BELLADONNA – grade1) 
(Kent’s Repertory, page1377, Generalities: Pain; Disappear suddenly-Belladonna – grade2) 
(William Boericke Materia medica, page1095, Sepia – remedies that follows well- Belladonna) 
Fourth follow-up – 
Patient came on 29.11.2004 with no pain, Sepia 200 was repeated again. 
Third Ultrasound – dated-3.1.2005- Multicystic left adnexal structure size 5.96*4.38 cm. 
Fifth follow-up- 
There was further reduction in size of the ovary; Sepia 1000 was given two doses at 15minutes interval after every 15 days. The treatment is still continuing and the patient is improving.