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The menopause, which is sometimes known as the ‘change of life’ is marked by the ending of Menstruation. It occurs at an average age of about 50, but the usual range is from 47 to 53. The main effect of the menopause is a greatly reduced production of the hormone oestrogen. The most common symptom of the menopause is hot flushes affecting the face and neck. Other symptoms include night sweats, insomnia, headaches, weight gain & general irritability. The study of management of menopausal complaints is of special importance new days.

            Homoeopathy is founded in on the observation that like cures like that a drug, which can cause symptoms in certain dosage, can also cure sick states characterized by similar symptoms. This curative effect is brought about by small doses. Homoeopathy is not a matter of size of dose, but of similarity between dug symptom & disease symptom. Dose means the quantity of medicine to be administered at a time. Divided dose means the quantity of medicine given for the patient at divided interval.

            The action of divided dose is much better than undivided dose as the medicine touches many nerve endings, where as undivided dose touches only few nerve endings. “In The chronic disease and their peculiar nature and their homoeopathic cure”, Hahneman has made the following statement- “In chronic disease I have found it best to give a dose (e.g.: a spoonful) of a solution of the suitable medicine at least every 2 days more usually every day. A medicinal globule crushed with some sugar of milk and dissolved in a good deal of water (Aphorism 247) and stirred well before every application will produce a far more powerful medicine for the use of several days”.

Till now there is no study carried out using divided dose of Homoeopathic medicine for the treatment of menopausal complaints. My present attempt is to carry out such a study based on my experience of sixteen years in practice of Homoeopathy. This thesis work was a scientific study carried out on 30 patients & among them; suitable homoeopathic medicine show better result in the managements in menopausal complaints in divided doses.

Aims and Objectives of this study:

To study the efficacy of divided doses of Homoeopathic medicines in the management of Menopausal complaints.

The study was conducted in patients attending the outpatient unit of the department of Homoeopathic Philosophy, Government Homoeopathic Medical College, Thiruvananthapuram, between the age group of 40- 60 years of female during the period 1-04-2005 to 30-08-2006.


            Sample of 30 cases identified as having menopausal symptoms was selected for the study.

Diagnostic Point

30 cases of menopausal complaints based on clinical features as mentioned above.

Age group 40- 60

Estimation of FSH and LSH in doubtful cases.

Inclusion and exclusion criteria:

            The study was conducted on women in the age group of 40- 60 years. Advanced pathological conditions like C.A Endometrium, C.A Cervix. Endometriosis, Fibroid Uterus and Ovarian cyst etc are excluded. 


            History of illness was elicited in an elaborate manner as per the directions given by Dr. Samuel Hahnemann the aphorisms 83-104 of the 5th edition of Organon of medicine. Case history was recorded in detail. All the symptoms including subjective and objective were considered. After taking the totality of symptoms the cases were evaluated according to Kent’s Method to find out the similimum. Menopausal Symptoms are classified according to Greene climacteric scale to access the efficacy of treatment. Grading of symptom was done before and after treatment. Medicines were given in divided doses as mentioned in chronic disease. Based on the susceptibility of the patient, 30th, 200th and 1000M potency were given.

Each case followed up for at least 6 month.

            Homoeopathic principles of single medicine, similar remedy and minimum dose were strictly adhered.

            Repetition was done by same potency or ascending potencies

Cases were revised every month. Retake the cases and analyzed the symptoms. When the totality of symptoms underwent considerable changes, cases were retaken and the second Medicine was given based on symptom similarity. In between two doses of medication placebo was administered liberally. Blank tablets were given from the beginning to the end along with other medicines.


From the evaluation of result obtained after the statistical analysis of the symptoms Menopausal complaints predominantly psoric Miasm. Medicine predominating psoric miasm are found to be more effective in the treatment of menopausal complaints. Medicines like SULPHUR, LACHESIS, SANGUINARIA, and SEPIA were found to be effective.

Sulphur covered   33.33% cases,

Lachesis Covered  26.67% cases,

Sanguinaria covered. 10% Cases

Pulsatilla Covered 10% Cases

Drugs like, Merc.Sol,  Sepia and Lycopodium etc. covering 1- 2% cases. The potency more frequently used is 200. The medicines given in divided doses according to the instruction given in Organon of Medicine, chronic disease are found to be very effective especially in acquiring rapidity of cure. From the first dose itself patient obtained much relief and general well being. One or two repetition of doses only required. In certain cases change of remedy was needed.

66.67 % of cases are non - veg. and 33.33% of cases are vegetarian. It shows that non-vegetarian diet may have a role in developing the symptom of menopausal complaints.

10 cases are housewife, 5 workingwomen, 15 retired women; shows sedentary habits have a role in the development of menopausal complaints.

14 cases are of low social classes 12 are of middle classes, 4 cases upper middle class. It shows that low social classes have a role in the development of menopausal complaints

The study shows that Homoeopathy medicines are very effective in the treatment of menopausal complaints. The advent of divided dose in the mode of application is found to be more effective especially in attaining rapidity of cure.

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