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Dr. Pawan S. Chandak

I hope you have enjoyed previous issue on Stress Management & Homoeopathy. Thank you very much for your valuable suggestions and encouraging words regarding our Online Monthly E-Newsletter 'Modern Homoeopathy - An evidence based Homoeopathy'. Also thanks for your kind co-operation by contributing quality articles and submitting feedbacks & suggestions for it  till now and we expect your kind co-operation & suggestion in future also.

Since November 2008 till now I am busy in working on TUBAID-AIDS Project with Dr George Loukas Greece so I was unable to release or bring news issue of E-Newsletter. So after a long interval of 3-4 month period Now we are ready with this issue.  

We are feeling very happy that more than 4200 homoeopaths including Students & Practitioners have subscribed our journal till now from different parts of the world.

Our monthly Yes or No poll on Homoeopathy has got tremendous response on important subjects like up gradation of 6th edition of Organon, C.M.E. on Homoeopathy & last multiple choice poll on Use of Repertory, Importance of Disease Diagnosis in Homoeopathy, Use of Tautopathic medicines, Bowel Nosodes in Practice, Use of periodical table method, Is there complete cure for Psoriatic arthritis in Homoeopathy etc. We got very good response for our new idea of Quiz Contest including Diagnostic Quiz & Photo Quiz. Many Homoeopathic students & Practitioners have contributed by submitting their entries on time.

In Current issue we are focusing on our research on efficacy of Homoeopathic preparation TUBAID (AIDS Nosode) in the management of HIV infection. It includes our ongoing clinical trial report till December 2008, Various HIV AIDS cases managed by TUBAID Nosode, TUBAID-AIDS Project activities & other latest news, Seminar News on Homoeopathy.

Also Thanks to those contributed through their writing & articles especially DR Mahendra Gaushal, Dr Isaac Golden, Dr Joby Johny, Dr Rajneesh Kumar Sharma, DR Ruchi Rajput, DR Sayeed Ahmed, Dr Chetana Shukla, Dr Sanjana etc.

From last issue we had starting Student Corner for preparation of Entrance Examinations like UPSC & MD (Homoeopathy) for students of Homoeopathy. I request to all students preparing for PG Entrance / UPSC exam kindly take advantage of our new step.

Our current issue is Hahnemann Day Special issue.

So Lets share your experience & opinion regarding our current issue on Hahnemann Day Special issue. Your suggestion & feedback are important for us to improve the quality of our Online Newsletter.

Yours Homeopathically


Dr. Pawan S. Chandak

Chief Editor

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