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Online Homeopathic Treatment

We offer online homeopathic consultation & treatment for patients especially for the chronic and obstinate disease conditions. Our online treatment protocol allows any one, any where on the earth to consult us.  Consult Dr. Chandak in just 3 easy steps 1) Make payment for our treatment Plan, 2) Reply to our Questionnaire, 3) Your medicine will be delivered anywhere in the world.

For more detail contact directly at pavanchandak498@gmail.com or +91-9422924861,  +91-8329935940


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Homoeopathic Academy of Research & Charities (HARC)

Registered Charitable trust under Indian Societies Act 1860 & Bombay Public Trust Act 1950. Mainly working for treatment, awareness, rehabilitation & education of HIV+ orphan children in Maharashtra since October 2008 by providing them Free Medical check up, homoeopathic treatment, nutritional support, educational support and bringing them in mainstream of society.


PG Study Centre for MD (Homoeopathy)

PG Study Centre includes Articles, Thesis, Case Reviews, Proving, Group Studies, Drug Pictures, Research Reports, Syllabus of MD (Homoeopathy) which covers all branches like  Materia Medica, Organon Of Medicine, Homoeopathic Repertory, Practice of Medicine, Pediatrics, Pharmacy, Psychiatry. Also Past Examination Paper samples, Examination Results, Latest Notification available.


Read Modern Homoeopathy Monthly E-Newsletter - Hahnemann Day - TUBAID Project

 Hahnemann Day Special issue 10 th April 2009. TUBAID-AIDS Project,  Studies on efficacy of TUBAID in HIV infection, A Reply to David Little on Homoeoprophylaxis by Dr Isaac Golden, The Quintessence of Homeopathic Remedies - Provings & Cases of Hawthorn, Mango, Oxygen, Sea Horse, Python & Crow By Dr Chetna Shukla, Chikangunya, Angina Pectoris by Dr Sayeed Ahmed, Asthma by Dr Rajneesh Sharma & Dr Ruchi Rajput, Hashimoto’s thyroiditis & homoeopathyhashimoto’s thyroiditis by Dr Sanjana vb, MCQS & Questions for the Preparation of UPSC & MD (Homoeopathy) Entrance Examination , TUBAID News, Latest events, poll, seminar news, forthcoming events in Homoeopathy, Photo Quiz, Diagnostic Quiz.


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