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The aim of is to provide free service to academics, researchers, doctors and students working in the area of Homoeopathic and allied medical sciences. It would help providing the authors the maximum exposure as well as easy and free access to the users. It is international in scope and includes both published and unpublished documents having relevance to research in homoeopathy & allied medical disciplines. We have open to collaboration with other organisations and institutions world wide.

Any electronic document ready for scholarly communication and having relevance to research in Homoeopathic & allied medical sciences. The articles submitted to may be on any subject in medicine and their relevance with Homoeopathy. The webmaster Dr. Pawan S. Chandak reserves the right to accept, reject and edit any article/articles in full or part without assigning any reasons.

Case studies should be supported with adequate diagnostic evidences. The articles should be submitted in electronic (floppy/CD) form or by Email ,otherwise in paper form.  In the electronic form the text should be in 'MS word' format and the  pictures/photos should be in 'tiff'/JPG format. For reprinted/reproduced articles the necessary  copy write permission should be secured by the authors themselves from the previous publishers if necessary.

Please include a passport size photograph as well as a short biographical sketch of the author along with the article.

Articles are invited from teachers, doctors and students for publishing in this website. Contribute generously for improving the quality of Homeopathic Medical Education and practice.

We upholds the policy of open access to homeopathic literature. Copying and redistribution of articles permitted provided no restrictions are imposed on the access and a hyperlink to the original article should be maintained. Copyright of articles (if specified) belongs to  respective authors and all opinion stated are exclusively that of authors. 

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