1) Dr. J.T. Kent (Lesser Writing)

Dr. J.T. Kent

Dr. Kent

There is general call for our old remedies to be reproved but nothing has been done yet to improve any of the old proving made in early days. We need not expect our Materia Medica to grow except in the hands of good observers. When we have noted all that can be observed by the physician himself and felt and observed by the prover and observed by companions, we have gathered about all that is worth knowing from the purpose of prescribing.

Provers do not push the drug un till tissue changes are found hence the expert examinations have been useless and these laboratory examinations do not add to the information that is desired either in the patient or prover. The simple minded patients and prover give us the best symptoms for use. The so called pathological prescribing is all done on clinical symptoms that they oppose prescribing on clinical symptoms as a basis of prescription. Such ignorance is characteristic of mongrelism throughout.

Our well proved remedies do not need reproving. scrunity proved drugs should have further proving but in the same method followed by DR. Hahnemann . Remedies should be proved in low,  medium and high potencies. As soon as the prover begins to experience the symptoms the administration of the drug should be stopped un till there is no manifestation of drug action else confusion follows, the confusion has spoiled many otherwise good proving.

2)  Dr. J.D. Patil (Aurangabad) PG Director & Director of Student Welfare MUHS Nashik.

Views on Necessity for Reproving of Homoeopathic Medicines :-

Yes it is very necessary to reprove all Homoeopathic Medicines because

1)   Majority of Homoeopathic Medicines are proved very long back

2)  They are Proved in the environmental conditions which is totally different from our 

3)  In olden days the Number of Prover was very less

4)  Extreme difference in living standard, climate, food and mental condition of prover


3. Dr. Jawahar Shah (Bombay)

Reproving should be done mainly for four reasons:

1. Value system has changed.

2. Drug substances have changed.

3. The inputs vibration, environment, frequencies have changed.

4. Stress of life has changed. So if we do proving now in different countries, in different races, we can get much better and bigger picture of a remedy suiting to our environmental circumstances.


4. Dr. Varsha V. Sharma (Mumbai)  MD(Hom)

Email: drvarshasharma@gmail.com

Yes it is necessary to reprove Homoeopathic Medicines because -

1.  The drugs proved earlier are proved in the environmental conditions which were totally different from our country.

2. The desires, aversions & disagree found to be present in Homoeopathic medicines are of certain food substances which are not found in our country. Hence reproving needs to be done in our country, as there is vast difference in the living standard, climate, food and mental condition of the provers of other countries.

3.The proving that was done earlier were from different sources and the medicines prepared today are from a variable source. Hence the source of medicine needs to be standarised for proving & for preparation of medicine.

4. Remedies should be proved in various ranges of potencies i.e. low, medium and high potencies. 

5. Remedies should be proved in the same method advocated by Dr. Hahnemann.


5. Dr vashisht
Email: sk_vashisht@hotmail.com

Yes, there is need to publish the reproving of Homoeopathic medicines, you need (Homoeopaths) no especial Lab , record the observation of your first prescription, underline them and exchange that with your colleagues, it would go a long way to develop confidence among young Homoeopaths.


6. Dr. Saurav Kariwala
Email: kariwalasaurav@gmail.com

yes, it is needed for sure, as in those days the scenario of the people, requiring these proved medicine was different specially with regard to the maintaining causes these days.



medicine proving is mandatory in pg cources but the thesis submitted is taken as formality.strict drug proving and honest keen observation is necessary

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1) Dr. J.D. Patil (Aurangabad) PG Director & Director of Student Welfare MUHS Nashik.

Views about combinations  or Patents :-

Combinations & patents can be used in Homoeopathic practice provided that it should be proved on healthy human being in the same form


2) Dr. Kumar
Email: dr_kumar021@rediffmail.com
Views about combinations  or Patents :-

patents/combinations can't cure!
Patents and combinations are never favorable to a patient, who has been suffered from a chronic disease e.g. psoriasis, tumors, fibroids, tuberculosis, malign –type diseases (having cancerous effects) etc. Moreover, acute diseases like fever, cholera, diarrhea of infantile etc may need patents and combinations However; I have still not prescribed or administered these patents to any one because I have no faith in such patents or combinations. Some times, these combinations may prove much injurious to human body and lead the patient’s physic toward destruction; ultimately the patient has to suffer/ even to die due to aggravation or adverse effects of these combinations.
 I have still recalled a case of brain-atrophy that was led (by a physician having a poor knowledge of homoeopathic drugs) to the peak of seriousness and at last the patient died after reaching the worst position of his ailment.
In my own views, an experienced homoeopath would never prefer these patents rather than a single remedy treatment in his practice.  In short, entire theory of homoeopathy depends upon the symptomatic study of the patient’s case and that should also be tallied with the symptoms that of a homoeopathic remedy.
Combinations of bio-chemic remedies are too harmful if two medicines, Silicea and Calcarea Sulph are combined together.  Therefore, the practitioners should try to avoid the patents and combinations in their practice as far as possible.  I don’t know about other homoeopaths what views they have in this concern, but I do know about myself that is extremely against of the mixing homoeopathic remedies or mixo-therapy.
Dr. Kumar,
Director, Medical Institute of Alternative Therapies,
Kichha – 263 148, (U.S.Nagar)
Uttarakhand (India)


3) Dr. Sayeed Ahmad
Email: sayeed_ahmad1@rediffmail.com
Views About Combinations or Patents:
I totally agree with the views and understanding of Dr. Kumar.


4) Dr. Rhyna (B.N.Y.T.) (Uttarakhand)

I would like to detonate being agree with dr. kumar's views that patents and combinations are not  useful to the patients except some exceptional cases. In my opinion, these patents have short-lived effects on the patient's body. Just for an example, I have prescribed Alfalfa (a general tonic) to my patients but it gave no permanent effec to them. I also prefer a single remedy treatment that the soul of homoeopathy therapy.

Dr. Rhyna (B.N.Y.T.) (Uttarakhand) India


5) Dr. Ajay Pratap Singh
Email: vijay_homoeo_kichha@yahoo.com

Patents and combinations are the need of today.
To-day these combinatons and patents are being prepared in a large quantity by every manufacturing company of homoeopathic medicines, it looks that these products are the need of to-day, no doubt, nevertheless, it doesn't effects the practitioners whose practice is based on the single remedy treatment. I am also a homoeopath and prefer a single remedy in my practice but somewhere I have to take help of the combinations and the patents and they have been proved much helpful to my patients. I give importance to the principle of a single remedy treatment but I am not so strictly follower of it.
Dr. Ajay Pratap Singh (B.H.M.S.)
Kichha (Uttarakhand) India


6)Dr. A. Shanthakumar,

Email: drshantha9@hotmail.com

Any one who advocates combinations or patents cannot be called as Homoeopaths what ever the highest  paper qualification  they may have the are not qualified to be called as Homoeopaths. We Should find a  good suitable name for them. It is shame to call them Homoeopaths.
Any Homoeopath Who understand the cardinal principles of Homoeopathy will not justify these products with adjectives. If  any homoeopath know what is Homoeoapthic  medicine ,How it works on a human body  and how the patients is cured will not at any moment talk about patents.
The so called Homoeopaths who advocate these products are bribed by multinational drug manufacturing companies to defame the scientific aspect of Homoeopathy. Only financial  and personnel benefit is behind this.
We should learn from the past History. Any one who know the history how Homoeopathy  was Systematically defamed and faded  away  in America  where the Great masters of Homoeopathy lived and which was flourishing  during there time.
These products are profit motivated. Homoeopathy is the Highest degree of development in history of medicine in the field of art of treatment. The civilized man will develop every field  according to his need. But the cruel narrow minded prevailing present social structure based on private prosperity is trying pull back the civilized man.

The so called Homoeopaths who advocate patents are part and parcel of it.
As long as the private property exists  the profit motivated productions also will exists. You cannot avoid them unless you change the social structure.
If any Homoeopath who is genuinely interested to safeguard  the classical Homoeopathy for the benefit of  humanity  it is his duty and responsibility to fight for social structural change while fighting to defend  classical Homoeopathy. Both these struggles are interrelated. So fight for a classless society is not isolated with the fight for classical Homoeopathy and eradication of diseases.
Let us  first safeguard classical Homoeopathy from the cunning foxes among us by Isolating them from the Homoeopathic community.

Dr. A. Shanthakumar,
The National Homoeopathic Research Institute,
72 H Liberty Building,
Dunbar Road,
Sri Lanka.


7) Dr. Puneet Kumar
Email: kumarwrite@rediffmail.com

I  agree with the genuine views of dr.kumar and dr. A. Shanthakumar in regards with their ways of practice with a single remedy. They are right that the patents and combinations are never of no use. Those are not the permanent solution of a disease, nevertheless, I do confess that some times, these patents may be very useful to the patents if they are in urgent requirement of a quick remedy. Once I tackled a case of a severe anaemia and cured my patient with Alfalfa tonic that strengthened my patient within two-three days. It was really a good recovery of my patient. Afterwards, I treated him with a single remedy no doubt. I would like to apologise if I am wrong and anyone has been hurted with my opinion. I am sorry!
Dr. Puneet Kumar,
Indiranagar, Lucknow (India)


8) Dr. Varsha V. Sharma (Mumbai) MD(Hom)   

Email- drvarshasharma@gmail.com


Patents and combinations give a temporary relief to the patient. Cure cannot be achieved by patents and combinations but at certain stages like in acute stage patents & combinations can be used to produce temporary relief to the patient. In such cases patents & combinations do play an important role. Effects of patents and combinations are unknown hence are risky to use. Hence proving of patents & combinations should be done.


9) Sushil Kumar Sharma
Email: sharmasushilkumar4@gmail.com

I do agree with the genuine views of Dr.Kumar, Dr. A. Shanthakumar and Dr. Varsha V. Sharma, however, several times I have taken good results from the patents and combinations in some very serious cases. It depends upon the situation of the case study, when and where to use them. I have no hard and fast rule in this regards.
Dr. Sushil Kumar Sharma (Uttarakhand)


10 ) Dr Vashisht
Email: sk_vashisht@hotmail.com

Carla Carmichael MRHom MARH

Email: carla@brentham.supanet.com

Lets be unprejudice, and avoid prejudice observations, this issue is  creating a division among our selves, we need to use our Brain, mind and not Heart, to answer it.


As a classically trained Homoeopath I concur with Dr Shanthakumar that Homoeopaths who use or market combination remedies should consider calling themselves something else but certainly not Homoeopaths! Poor
Dr Hahnemann, he must be turning in his grave!
Before I studied Homoeopathy I was subjected to "combination" homoeopathic remedies (I had to inject them in to my thigh everyday) & whilst they did a brilliant job of suppressing my symptoms once I
stopped using them the initial symptoms plus a few others (new) returned with a vengence!!! I can speak from personal experience and as far as I am concerned they are downright dangerous, afterall, we
all only have one vital force! At least from my bad experience I have learned a lesson, and that is, I shall never subject any patient of mine to combination remedies.

Carla Carmichael MRHom MARH
Classical Homeoeopath


12) Saurav Kariwala

Email: kariwalasaurav@gmail.com


I dont think following the Hahnemannian Homoeopathy allows us to do thus..we know that according to the Law of simplex such an act is equivalent to a crime..so patent is and should not be regarded as a Homoeopathic medicine.


13) Gina Tyler DHOM
Email: gina_tyler@hotmail.com
 Are the bastard child of homeopathic principles. Nothing in the Organon of Medicine indicated its use, it goes against all basic principles of classical homeopathy.
Working on a patient who has taken combination remedies confuses the symptoms, to untangle these types of iatrogenic ailments is mostly impossible.
Combination remedies are on the market for pure sales profits. A marketing hype for the layperson who has NO clue on how homeopathy is to be prescribed.
There are no shortcuts in prescribing, not by using self prescribed Over the counter Combination Polypharmacy remedies, and not by the "Try this try that" method of prescribing used by many homeopaths.
The first and foremost important issue is the wellbeing of each patient we see, no matter how difficult, no matter how chronic we do a proper caretaking and find a 'well indicated" remedy.
Many psuedo-self prescribers use combination remedies-a true sign of failure for their patients.

14) Dr M Latif, Srilanka

Email: sahlahent@hotmail.com

I totally criticize Dr.Shanthakumars quote that those who advocates patent or combinations should not be called homoeopaths, he probable does not know the organon, hahnemann himself has said that in his organon that the only intension of the homoeopath is to restore the sick to health, and even in cases like in cancer when there is little that homoeopathy can do, it is possible to use homoeopathic medicines to reduce the suffering of the patient untill his last breath, be it single or combinations, my view is although homoeopathy uses single dose and simple dose, at times when it is necessary to relive the suffering of the patient, specially in acute condition where the patient will not be in a state to give the correct symptoms, it is better use a combination to first relive him of his immediet suffering and thereafter a detail case study can be done and most appropraite single and simple remedy may be given, this Dr.shanthakumar is not aware, and more over a homoeopath prescribing patent or combinations are far better and safe than any homoeopath prescribing alopathic drugs in powdered form with lactose stating that they are homoeopathic medicines, this is more damaging to homoeopathy than using homoeopathic patent remedies, it is those who are competent about homoeopathy and lacking institutional training and those who practice homoeopathy for a quick buck who find ways and means to give a instant relief in the style of an allopath, we have many persons here in Sri Lanka who are practicing mixopathy, meaning little of all systems, and they call themselves homoeopaths, in order to get legal cover and the Homoeopathic Medical Council that should protect the ethics of the practice of homoeopathy, is patronizing those who are causing disrepute to homoeopathy, the council wants only to fill in the register of homoeopathy to create a vote bank to be elected to positions as members and chairman of the council and another way of making a fast buck than practicing, the Homoeopathic Council is presently giving an impresion to the public and the government that they are conducting a diploma and degree course in Homoeopathy in the first and only Homoeopathic medical college opened in the name of his excellecy the President of Sri Lanka, but are reality this so called college having just four rooms only for accomodates 600 students in two batches, withour any rules and regulations with regard to the criteria of admission and course sylubus, or not following the norms prescribed by the higher education, the council conducting a substandard weekly crash course in homoeopathy for these quacks who prescribe alopathic drugs and to give them legal status to in par with a Institutionally qualified homoeopaths who had undergone a course study in a institution of a minimum 4 years duration. This is just ridiculus, so in a situation like this dont you feel that what ever difference in opinion one may have regarding patent or single remedies, we must be happy that atleast those using patent are using homeopathic combinations only instead of allopathic drugs, so my opinion is that we should not be too emotional regarding using single or patent, but be happy that you are a homoeopath who want to restore the sick to health and give him quckest possible cure in the best of your knowledge without using any material doses which are non homoeopathic in origin, as even certain remedies that we have which we use as single are also proved in its combines states, example; hepar sulphur, kali carb, mag phos etc etc and many more so each have its own peculiarities. so lets all be true homoeopaths and share our own experiences and knowledge

Dr.M.Latiff, Sri Lanka

15) Dr.K.Sivalingam, Sri Lanka.
email: siva234@yahoo.com

Any Homoeopath who deviate from the cardinal principles cannot be called as Homoeopath. Where has Hahnemann spoken about combination in his organon. Sin Dr.M. Latiff dosent know that any acute condition can be cured with Homoeopathic medicine quicker than allopathic medicine if prescribed according to cardinal principles. As we are directly playing with the vital energy when multiple remedies are prescribed and combination are given it leads to dangerous suppression. He is not aware about the law of cure and theory of suppression. Sin, Dr Latiff, wht to do this is How when Intitutional qulifications are bought. The Homoeopathic Medical council initiated college is  far better than the collage where he bought the certificate in Pakistan. I thought Dr.M.Latiff is only weak in Homoeopathy today only I understood he is very weak in mathematics too. If there is reading habit he would have known how most of the institutions started with minimum resources came up to the present modern facilities we can name number of Indian Homoeopathic medical colleges itself. Srilanka Allopathic Medical college it self a good example .
It was started in one room in the General Hospital. Now it has  all the facilities and resources.

Dr K. Sivalingam, Srilanka

16) A.Sivadasan U.K, a engineer
email: anushiyasivadasan@gmail.com

ignorance of Dr.M.Latiff is expressed in his writing. Hahnemann or any pioneers of Homoeopathy have not advocated combination. Only who prescribe Homoeopathic medicine according to cardinal principles of Homoeopathy could be considered as Homoeopaths not others. I hope he is not aware of cardinal principles of Homoeopathy. He has spoken about sole mission of Physion in Organon. He has not read the  following apohorism the highest ideal of a cure is rapid, gentle permanent restoration of  the health or removal and annihilation of the disease in its whole  extent, in the shortest, most reliable and most harmless way, on easily comprehensible principles. As a laymen I understand better Homoeopathy than Dr. M.Latiff. I was a patient of Dr. A. shanthakumar. He is a classical Homoeopath he never prescribe multiple remedy. Because of Him I am living today. After his treatment I red a lot of Homoeopathic Books of classical Homoeopathy especially The science of Homoeopathy by George vithoulkas, A doctor who strictly follows George vithpoulkas will never trust on any other system of medicine. Institutional qualification alone not sufficient to be a classical Homoeopath. Even in U.K There are Homoeopaths Who has undergone practical Training Under Dr.A.Shanthakumar. During the period When I was  in Sri lanka I know How this Institutionally Qualified people came from Pakistan bought certificates. I have suffered with the hands of this Pakistan "Qulified" people with bags of medicine, Which has no relationship with the principles of Homoeopathy. I have more details about the so called Institutional Qualified Homoeopaths of Sri Lanka. But it is not the forum to write  then I am not different from Dr.M. Latiff. I am printing a book on this which will bring out all those. Dr. A. Shanthakumar is a person who works with a broad thinking in the Homoeopathic field  with collaboration of world renowned Homoeopaths in defence of classical Homoeopathy and enrich it for the benefit of Humanity. Unfortunately he has borne in Sri Lanka. If He was in India He would Have been a very prominent Homoeopath.

A. Sivadasn U.K. a engineer

17) Dr.Karim, Sweden
Email: Karimxyz@gmail.com

How a person who justify combinations can be a true Homoeopath. Only Physicians prescribe medicine according to the cardinal principles of Homoeopathy can be called as Homoeopath. Dr.M.Latiff is not aware what is cure?
He coul have written his justification for using combinations, but he has written some thing else which is no at all relevent to this forum. If he is a good Homoeopath and if he is realy interested to promote Homoeopathy in Sri Lanka he could have join with the council of Sri Lanka a nd put the council in correct direction. Why he is against to educate people to put them in correct direction in The Homoeopathic field. Persons who are interested in homoeopathy might have gone in wrong direction due the wrong guidence.

Dr Karim, Sweeden


18) Dr.P.Shreeharan, BHMS, TamilNadu.
Email: pshree10w@yahoo.com

How could a Homoeopath justify combinations. If a Homoeopath know the basic principles of Homoeopathy he will never justify combinations. Dr.M Latiff can justify combinations in his own why is he mentioning about Hahnemman and his organon. I hope he has never read organon. In any country when there is no teaching Institution then every one will teach and people will come out with forge certificates and practice and all kinds of mal practice will be there. Homoeopaths who has been taught by those homoeopaths will practice all sorts of nonsense under the name of Homoeopathy. To bring this under control and give them a good Homoeopathic education and train them is a wise decision taken by the Homoeopathic Medical council of Sri Lanka at least at this stage. Now no one can come with forge certificates. Even though the council has started with minimum available resources it should be welcome by every citizen of Sri Lanka>No institution will be started with with all facilities . I have met some good Homoeopaths from Sri Lanka they are very much eager to study they come very often to India in search of books and Training programs have seen some of them in good high standard training programs. As I know some of the Indian Homoeopaths assisted them in drafting syllabus. How this Lattiff says no syllabus.

Dr P. Shreeharan, Tamilnadu


19) Dr. Wasantha Hettiarachi

Email: whetti21@hotmail.com

Senior  Dr.Latiff taught us Homoeopathy thoug he didnt allow Dr. C.V. Corea, who was poiner to introduce the Homoeopathic Act of 1970, to carry out the duties of the council, he put us to the fiels as Homoeopaths we have been practicing Homoeopathy with multiple remedies and multiple doses .After 1998 Junior Latiff who was  a driver became a homoeopath  doctor within two years .some how and became a institutionally qulified Homoeopath with pakistan certificates. He introduced us patent preparation saying it is modern Homoeopathy. He took us around the country for free clinics. We were precribing medicines but he never see patients. He has issued certificates appreciating our services. the same latiff brands us as quacks when the council try to give us the proper education. They dont want us to get the proper knowledge as we will understand the knowledge of them. In the history of Sri Lanka the present council has taken positive steps to promote Homoeopathy by educating  all Homoeopaths who have been practicing with limited knowledge. Why Dr.M.Latiff oppose this. Intially every thing is started in a minor scale  and the developed to major scale . The present council members have a vision to give a good standard homoeopathic Medical college for our future generation.  Some of the council members are working without drawing a single cent from the council.Though we were interested to study Homoeopathy we didnt have facilities to study in Sri Lanka. if we had had money even we would have become instiutionally qulified Homoeopaths even without going to Pakistan. Our children shouldn't suffer like us.Dr.M.Latiff you have not given your name correctly but you email Id clarifies us. Please Dr.Latiff dont sabotage the activities of the council for your personal agentas.  Now we know that the combinations are totally against to the basic principles of Homoeopathy. Even though you coud have written justifing that why did you write unwanded for that forum. I feel sorry to write this in a media. What to do you have compelled us to write. I have written  avery little of known to me.
please allow us to have a good college for our future generation.We cannot spent money to purchase institutional qulifications. Our children want institutional qulifications with proper Homoeopathic Knowledge.


20) Dr.Priya Balachandran
Email: balapri@live.com

combination and patents. I am astonished to  see a coment by a Homoeopath Dr.M.Latiff from Sri Lanka where as some Homeopaths are doing wonders with single medicine. I am medical doctor(allopath)who has been attracted towards Homoeopathy and decided to follow a course of homoeopathy conducted for medical doctors by Prof; George Vithulkas as my epileptic daughter who has been suffering from it over 8 years has been cured by Dr.A.Shanthakumar with single medicine.Now allmost all my family members are under his treatment whether it is is acute or chronic he gives only single medicine. I hope one of the most fundemental principles of Homoeopathy. His way of case taking and art of prescribing is beutifull.I am amazed of his results. He has a clear vision to promate Homoeopathy and to make all "Homoeopathas"to be classical Homoeopathic prescriber. I am confident he will have no other agentas other than work for Homoeopathy with that motive only he has joined the present council. The move by the council is a positive move to regulate and controll the "Homoeopathic Practioner" .And taking a steps to upgrade their knowledge is an another postive move. The western medicall college started in a room in the generall Hospital can become a college with all infrastucture why cant the Homoeopathic Medicall college with six class rooms and vast area of land? We should learn from the past  experince and others experince. I hope the future generation will have a Homoeopathic medicall college with all infastructure. Let all Homoeopaths prescribe according to the laws and principles and open the eyes of Allopaths and attract many many more like me.


21) Dr.C.C Douglas
Email: ccdoug14@yahoo.com

I dont think that we  should  discuss about this matter. Homoeopathy means it is prescribing medicine according to the cardinal principles of homoeopathy. Any one who has deviated from it has no right to call themselves as Homoeopath. They should find a name for them. it is my duty and responsibility to comment on Dr. M. Latiff about institutional Training Initially all institutional trained people are trained by self studied Homoeopaths  When there is no Institution in a county we should start it with what ever resources available at the time of starting and develop it to a high standard. We cannot forget about the self studied Homoeopaths we must train them and make them good Homoeopaths. If there is shortcoming .According to the expression of Dr. M. Latiff it clearly says neither he is a institutionally qualified homoeopath nor self studied homoeopath. I am with the point of Dr.A.Shanthakumar of



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      Dr. 1) Dr. Srikanta Choudhury, M.D. (Hom)

 LM potency is the latest therapeutic system of the homoeopathy. It may helps to the practitioner with bellow ways :


2) Dr. Kumar
Email: dr_kumar021@rediffmail.com

If the selection of a  remedy is suitable, doesn't effect the potencies. Every well-selected remedy would give positive result no doubt. The selection of a  potency has no importance before the symptomatic study of the patient's case. I, nevertheless, would appreciate the views "For avoiding medicinal aggravation LM potency may applied through olfaction."
Dr. Kumar, director, Suryanature-cure, Uttarakhand (India)


3) Puneet Kumar (Lucknow)
I agree with Dr. Kumar that the selection of the remedy is greater than that of the potency. The potency whether it is LM or CM has no value if your selection of the remedy is not right. I have got very remarkable results with 30 potency in several severe case.  Dr. Puneet Kumar (homoeopath), Indiranagar (Lucknow)

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