What is Modern Homoeopathy ?


There is no difference between Homoeopathy taught by Hahnemann and Modern Homoeopathy. Only it just an new and scientific approach towards practicing Homoeopathy. As in today's world of Therapeutics for Diagnosis of disease and Treatment we have to depend on Pathological Investigation, X-ray, Ultrasonography, Echocardiography, ECG, Ct scan, MRI etc. So In Modern Homoeopathic approach we are not against taking Case History, Personal History, Mental History, Mind, Behavior or psychology of patient. We are also following the same approach which was taught by Dr. Hahnemann in Organon but the way of presenting it in modern manner.

As told by Dr. Hahnemann in Organon for the selection of medicine Diagnosis of disease is important not for selection but to separate common symptoms of disease from uncommon symptoms and prescribing on uncommon symptom.

We are taking help of Diagnostic procedure not just for treatment but to know the prognosis of the case. So that we can know an particular case belongs to which miasms? Psora, sycosis or syphilis.

As in severe Sycotic & Syphilitic cases where there is Gross pathological changes are present then we are having limited scope for permanent Cure. In such cases we can give very good Palliative care to prolong the life of the suffering patient.

But we are not forgetting Organon in treating each & every case. In treating cases we are going to root cause of disease and treating the cause not the disease. Also concentrating on Miasm but understanding it in modern way.

So our approach is concentrating more on Signs & symptoms of the patient then Diagnosing it with the help of modern Diagnostic procedure, Keeping pre & post treatment investigation record and publish cured case records with the help of Modern Investigation reports to the world to show Superiority of "Homoeopathy an Modern Medical Science"..

Our mission is to wipe out the misunderstanding of People that 'Homoeopathy is Alternative medicine'. We want to show the world that "Homoeopathy is an Modern Medical Science".

So Lets share your Experience with us in the new world of therapeutics i.e. Modern Homoeopathy.

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