MCQS & Questions for the Preparation of UPSC & MD (Homoeopathy) Entrance Examination


1) According to ___ , "sycosis is contagious disease which results from suppression of chronic gonorrhoea (KPSC/Lect/OOrg-05)

a) Hahnemann            b) J.T. Kent        c) J.H. Allen        d) Stuart Close


2) Similar diseases can: (KPSC/Lect/Org-05)

a) Co-exist in patient        b) Cannot co-exist in a patient

c) can palliate a disease    d) can suppress a disease


3) of the below which is the fixed miasm ? (KPSC/Org/RE-05)

a) Small pox    b) Mechanical Injury        c) Surgical disease    d) congenital corporeal constitution


4) Profuse perspiration after acute diseases which relief of all sufferings is the peculiar symptom of:(UPSC-04)

a) Mercurius solubinum      b) Psorinum    c) Sulphur    d) Syphilinum


5) Perspiration smelling like honey is the characteristic of:

a) Calcarea Carb        b) Thuja Occidentalis        c) Both        d) None of the above


6) Irresistible desire to ralk in Rhymes is the marked feature of: (KPSC/Lect/Rep-04)

a) Thuja occidentalis        b) Stramonium        c) Lachesis        d) Antim Crud


7) Ovarian artery is a branch of:

a) Internal iliac                              b) External Iliac artery       

c) Common iliac artery               d) Aorta


8) Nerve suppply of Extraoculkar muscles: (MD Hom. EP-1/01)

a) Oculomotor        b) Abducent        c) Trochlear        d)All of the above


9) Erythropoesius is promoted by all of the following except:

a) ACTH                b) Thyroxine            c)Estrogen            d)Prolactin


10) Loganaceae family members are (KPSC/Lect/Pharm-04)

a) Nux Vomica        b) Ignatia Amara        c) Both        d)None of the above


11) Brush burn results from : (KPSC/LEct/FMT-05)

a) Impact        b) Graze        c) Pressure        d) Dry heat


12) Commonest cause of neonatal mortality in India is

a) Diarrhoeal diseases        b) Birth Injuries        c) Low Birth WEight    d) Congenital anomalies.


13) Which of the following is diagnosed by employing angiography: (UPSC-04)

a) Angina        b) Blockage of coronary artery        c) Myocarditis        d) Pericarditis


14) Most common cause of unilateral parotid swelling in a 27 year old male is: (All India -01)

a) Warthlin's Tumour        b) Pleomorphic adenoma        c) Adenocarcinoma        d)Haemngioma


15) Direct impact on bone will produce a:

a) Transverse fracture        b) Oblique fracture   

c) Spiral fracture                    d) Communited fracture


16) 'Whip-lash' injury is caused due to:

a) A Fall from a height                b) Acute hyperextension of the spine

c) A blow on top of the head     d) Acute hyperflexion of the spince


17) Routine antenatal check up shall be at an interval of: (KPSC/Lect/Obs-Gynae-05)

a) 4 weeks till 28 weeks            b) 2 weeks till 36 weeks

c) 1 week till 40 weeks              d) All of the above


18) Aschoff giant cell are found in: (KPSC-04)

a) Rhematoid Arthritis        b) Rheumatic Fever

c) Hodgkin's Disease        d) Sarcoidosis


19) Eosinopjilia is not a characteristic feature of: (KPSC-04)

a) Hodgkins lymphoma        b) Mycosis fungoides

c) Rheumatoid arthritis        d) Steroid therapy


20) Of the below which repertory amelioration is omited in the relationship of the remedies ?

a) Boennighusen's Therapeutic Pocket Book    b) Synthesis Repertory

c) Kent's Repertory                                                d) Complete repertory


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