TUBAID Project

Dr Pawan S Chandak & 'Homoeopathic Academy of Research & Charities'  in cooperation with Dr George Loukas & DIETHNIS ORGANOSI OMOIOPATHITIKIS ALLILEGGIIS, Athens, Greece are running 'TUBAID Project' since October 2008 with financial contribution from DR George Loukas & his organization 'DIETHNIS ORGANOSI OMOIOPATHITIKIS ALLILEGGIIS'.

At present HARC is doing research in 'Efficacy of Homoeopathic Medicines in the management of HIV Infection'. Since October 2008 to January 2009 we have more than 75 patients in our Case Register. We are doing this research Since March 2008. This Research we are doing under Principle Investigator - Dr. Pawan S. Chandak & Co-Investigator Dr. Mrs. Asha Pawan Chandak. We are giving Free Homoeopathic Treatment to suffering HIV positive patients. We are keeping & following basic parameters to judge the improvement in patient.

In each patients we are taking their detail case history, Investigations like Tridot Test, Complete Blood count, ESR, Liver Function test, Kidney unction Test, Sputum Test in suspected patient, immunological investigations like Cd4 count, Viral load. In suspected case X ray.

Following details enclosed mentioning in brief work of project


Its results are published in National & International Journal like ‘Homoeopathic Medical Panorama’ & ‘Homoeobuzz’ in recent issue December 2008.

Also its copy is published in ‘National Journal of Homoeopathy’ December issue too.

Its article copy is attached.



In this project we are receiving active financial support from Dr George Loukas Greece & his organization ‘'DIETHNIS ORGANOSI OMOIOPATHITIKIS ALLILEGGIIS'.

Our Team

Principle Investigator:         Dr Pawan S Chandak

Co-Investigator:                  Dr Mrs. Asha Pawan Chandak

Research Consultant:         Dr Shrigopal K Darak , Dr Shweta Bughdani

Research / Medical   :        Dr Anjali Kale


Allopathic Expert:              Dr Sachin Mantri

Lab Consultant:                 Dr Vikas Dharmadhikari MD(Path)

Here are some useful links to see the results coming from our project.