It has become a regular feature calling Homeopathic PILL a Placebo


Dr. Vashisht


It has become a regular feature calling Homeopathic PILL a Placebo, WHY THIS LIKING  by few PREJUDICE  researches towards the Homeopathic system of Medicine, in mind a doubt arises, are they against  or are they being hired and paid to write something against a system of medicine  founded by a qualified medical personnel Dr S.Hahneman more than 200 years ago , which hold GOOD even today. It is becoming stronger day by day, its the third most popular system of medicine not only in India but world over,90% of doctors in  Scotland favor Homeopathy (as published in the present article ),a system which from a self taught science  now being taught up to postgraduate level in regular colleges duly recognized by the universities.

Homeopathy is showing a upward trend in popularity and market by its own growth based on strong scientific base  and results ,its popularity speaks the truth, the market in India is worth more than 600 crores  rupees, the medicine are not only dispensed in charitable  institutions, there are Government Homeopathic Hospitals , Dispensaries, there are corporate Hospitals treating patients

Dr S.Hahnemann combined in himself a Physician, a Pharmacologist ,a Pharmacist, in fact he was his own Columbus in every field of Medicine . Beside being discover of Homeopathic System of medicine he was justifiably  be styled as 'Father of Experimental Pharmacology' as he was the first to ascertain the positive effects of Drugs on HEALTHY MAN.

The  Common round sugar  Homoeopathic pills made of pure cane sugar in various sizes since 200 years are now being prepared since few years by the leading  ALLOPATHIC  Pharmaceuticals being used in their latest drugs ,the raw material, the method of its manufacturing is the same .

Placebo is defined as unmedicated substance looks like a medicated one and is commonly called Dummy by the Scientist or in pharmaceuticals term.

In Homeopathy we use the widest range of substances which are tested and prepared according to official Pharmocoepias.

A insight of the range of substances used in the manufacturing of Homoeopathic medicine, would  give the depth of the scientific work  done ; List below gives you  the insight of the range of substances being used in the manufacturing of Homoeopathic Medicines. 

1.Common table salt to  deadly poison Arsenic salts

2.Common Cockroach to most poisonous Cobra snake venom

3. Most filthy Diseased tissue product  to healthy tissue product

4. Metals Alumina to Gold and silver

5. Drugs Cannabis sativa to Opium

6. Common Onion to Tobaccos

7 common egg shell  to Charcoal

8. Nitric acid to Mercury

9 Pencillin to Insulin

10. Iron to Uranium nitricum

11. Lusan grass Medigo sativa (Alfa Alfa) to Deadly poison Aconite nap

12.Glonine to Platinum

13. Skimmed milk to Dogs milk

14. Saliva of rabid dog to pus of Tuberculosis abscess

15. Tulsi (Occimum s) to Neem ( Azad indica)

Its a long long very long range  and do not need sophisticated  instruments to prove its presence , yes we do have such instrument s to test their presence  in our products at our  Homoeopathic Pharmacoepia Laboratory a Government of India institution  at Ghaziabad.

The method of procuring , processing  and preparing Homeopathic Medicines are clearly mentioned in our Pharmcoepias.

The first Homoeopathic Pharmacoepia was published by Dr C.Casport (Leipzig Germany) in 1825.

In 1870 the first British Homeopathic  Pharmacoepia was published in London

In 1897 American Homeopathic pharmacoepia was published by Otisís clap & sons.

In 1901 Homoeopathic Pharmacoepia of United states the latest has been published in 1964.

In 1941 German Homoeopathic Pharmacoepia was compiled by Von Willmar Schwa be.

In 1971 Homeopathic Pharmacoepia of India was published to date 7th volume are in the market by Government of India.

Let the people stop dreaming to prove that Homoeopathic system of medicine  or pill is placebo, its rightly said Eyes see what mind perceives.

Rtn Dr S.K.vashisht