Writing an Article or News about Shri Rangnathrao Kaldate guruji means showing mirror to Sun. Guruji born on 02 March 1942.He was very great Spiritualist having complete and total knowledge of Spirituality, Yoga, Sun-Ray Therapy, Naturopathy, Chakras, Ayurveda and Mudra Therapy etc. He was living at Bramhangaon (Parbhani) but he is living in minds of every members of 'Shaktibramhashram Family'. He was disciple of Bramhaatatwalin Parampujya Shri Narayan Maharaj who started 'Shaktibramhashram' at Wapti (Basmat) by taking mind to do social work by reliving suffering of mankind on the basis of Spirituality. Shri Narayan Maharaj and Kaldate Guruji is working on the basis of following aims :

(1) Swavalamban

(2) Sanghtan

(3) Samanway

(4) Sahajyoga.

From the inspiration of above aims or principle Narayan Maharaj started the work of 'Shaktibramhashram' which was followed by .'Shri Purushottam Maharaj' and thereafter by Kaldate Guruji.

Shri Kaldate guruji was taking many Meditation session, Prayer of God, Gayatri Mantra Sadhna, Study sessions of Chakras etc to make development of mankind in his Physical, Mental & Social Health and relives all his problems regarding Health, Economy and Spirituality. He was doing this type of social work without thinking about his personal benefit and they do not take any charge from peoples for their work.

He has written a book on 'Mudra Therapy' & 'Mudra Science and it's Benefit'. In that book he has given idea regarding Indication of Different Mudras (e.g. Apan Mudra) in different health problems. In 'Mudra Therapy' by touching fingers as per indication we will get reliving of our suffering to normal condition. This is very good therapy for mankind and benefit able economically and gives very good and quick results from painful suffering.

He had given many Seminars & Lecture on Spiritual subjects. He also had conducted many Programme like 'Gayatri Mantra Sadhna' & 'Havana of Gayatri Mantra' every year. He had taken 'Free Homoeopathic Treatment Camp' at Parbhani and in that Camp many Patients has taken benefits of it.

He performs daily 'Gayatri Mantra Upasana',Study of 'Chakras','Meditation' regularly. Guruji has two sons & three daughters which are also interested in 'Spirituality'. Elder Son of Guruji named 'Vasant' having very good knowledge of 'Spirituality', 'Meditation','Chakras' etc.Wife of Guruji also interested in 'Spirituality' and having tremendous knowledge of 'Spirituality' and helping her husband (guruji) in his every good work.

Writing a article on the Work of Guruji pages & pages are insufficient because He has done tremendous good work for mankind.

On 27th March 2003 due to Heart Attack he passed away to heaven but still he is in memories of Shaktibrahmashram Parivar. 

In his memory Shaktibrahmashram Parivar has build up Temple at Brahmangaon.


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