Homeopathic perspective and treatment of Fibroids


Dr. Medha Durge


Fibroids is a concern for every  homeopath because it ultimately leads to removal of  uterus which is against the basic concept of healing and conservation of health. Luckily homeopathy is of help to most cases. The objective of treatment will vary in accordance to the age and complaint and patient compliance. For example in some patients when the fibroid is small objective will be to stop bleeding and give medicines to inactivate the fibroid so that it is in situ not troubling the patient. If the fibroid is large enough to cause pressure or discomfort objective will be to stop bleeding and treat to shrink the size of the fibroid. We must keep in mind the natural hormonal variations with respect to age  in women and their effects on fibroids.

Classical homeopathy seems to be the best treatment for fibroids. This is because of the holistic nature of understanding human beings, their disease, healing and treatment. By holistic we donít only mean the body-mind-soul of the person but his past, his genetic inheritance, his family the entire human-group. This is because it is commonly seen that certain illness is more prevalent in certain human sub-groups be it country, race etc).So it becomes important to treat the prevalence which is an important aspect of classical homeopathy.

Treatment Of Fibroids:

This is done from 3 perspectives:


Acute Bleeding: Most cases come to homeopaths is the state of bleeding since few days or more than a month. Here the case is first treated for bleeding. There are many remedies that can effectively stop bleeding. Only the past history, family history and the type of blood (bright red, dark, clots )is asked.


Most commonly used are Trillium, Thalapsi bursa pastoris, Phosphorus. Response is within 2-3 days. In rare cases anti-miasmatic need to be given.


Chronic Case: After the acute bleeding has stopped we can define the whole case at the level of body, mind, emotions and constitutional medicines decided.

Common are Calcarea group, Lachesis, Sepia, Croton tig, thuja.

The objective of these medicines is to stop the further growth of the fibroid, stop the bleeding, promote well-being, cause shrinkage of the tumor.

Deep-Rooted therapy: Often due to the long effects of illness or the genetic influence or maintaining causes family tragedy etc) person may not respond to the above treatments. Then these anti-miasmatic remedies have to be given for good results. These also help to improve the health of the on-coming generation by improving the soil so to say.

Medorrhinum, Thuja etc to be administered under expert guidance.

This entire process takes time. Acute bleeding would stop but the rest of it takes at least 3 months to 6 months. But a lot of variations are possible depending on what medications have been taken in the past. Allopathic hormonal cause problem as they suppress the natural body language.