Reports of the National Homoeopathic Scientific Conference


held at Varanasi on 17th & 18th Nov. 2007.


 Two days mega conference “HOMOEOVISION-2007” was organized in Tilak hall auditorium of Nagar Nigam located at Sigra, Varanasi on 17th & 18th November 2007. This was the never seen gathering of Homoeopathic stalwarts, Scientists of different disciplines, doctors as well as students under single umbrella for the first time in Varanasi, successfully organized by “The Homoeopathic Medical Association of India” Varanasi Unit under the dynamic leadership of Dr. S. P. Singh, Dr. V. K. Pandey and Dr. S. K. Singh. This conference was attended by more than 600 delegates from all over the country.

                   This National Homoeopathic Scientific Conference was proposed to create public awareness about the merits of the system & to establish  Homoeopathy on sound scientific footing. On 17th November Conference began with ear loving Swagat Gaan by a team of school girls of R. K. Balika Inter College, Chitwani Kotnwa, Varanasi. Homoeovision-2007 was declared open by the Chief guest of inaugural session Dr. S. P. S. Bakshi (President-Central  Council  of  Homoeopathy), where other guests of honour were Dr. V. C. Acharya (Deputy President of HMAI), Dr. Bhaskar Bhatt (Secretary General of HMAI), Dr. Eswara Das (Deputy advisor Deptt. of Homoeopathy, to Govt. of India). Along with other dignitaries Org. Chairman Dr. S. P. Singh, Org. Secretaries Dr. V. K. Pandey, Dr. Sanjay K. Singh and Secretary advisory committee Dr. C. D. Singh were also present on the Dias.                                                                                  

                Lightening lamp & garlanding the statue of Mahatma Hahnemann were accomplished by the auspicious hands of Chief guest Dr. S. P. S. Bakshi and supported by Dr. V. C. Acharya, Dr. Bhaskar Bhatt, Dr. Eswara Das, Org. Chairman Dr. S. P. Singh and other dignitaries who were present at the moment. This conference was attended by more than Six hundred delegates from all over the country arrived to mark the occasion.

                  Undoubtedly, this was a Mega meet in Varanasi concluded gracefully. Session was started with a welcoming speech of Org. Chairman Dr. S. P. Singh, in his speech he welcomed the Chief Guest Dr. S. P. S. Bakshi and Special Guest Dr. Eswara Das (Deputy Advisor Homoeopathy to Govt. of India) & other dignitaries who were present on the Dias of HOMOEOVISION-2007 in Kashi despite of their buisy schedule. Dr. S. P. Singh also welcomed the delegates who reached Varanasi to attend the Conference. While addressing the august gallery he raised many questions related to present condition and future of Homoeopathy in state like Uttar Pradesh and urged the state Govt. & Ministry of Health & Family Welfare Dep’tt. Of AYUSH, New Delhi to prepare sincerely a concrete plan for the upliftment of this holistic medical science in hosting state and country as well, so that it could be the first choice of carrier oriented our younger ones.


                   In his delivery Chief Guest Dr. S. P. S. Bakshi (President-Central Council of Homoeopathy as well as President-HMAI) urged the homoeopaths to work jointly as a mission for the benefit and betterment of mankind and Homoeopathy to put Hahnemannian science in the first row by 2020. Special Guest of the occasion Dr. Eswara Das told to house that AYUSH doing all possible for the progress and prosperity of this science. Special Guest Dr. B. N. Acharya spoke the gallery that such meritorious convention should continue with positive frame work of mind to create awareness in the public, he thanked the Varanasi Unit for their outstanding job & standard they put, which is unbelievable and rare.  Dr. S. K. Singh organizing secretary of the Conference read his massage that it is a great honour on the part of homoeopathic fraternity of the area to organize this scientific seminar for the development of Homoeopathic principle and philosophy, this homoeopathic convention will definitely be a milestone in the development of homoeopathy. In his presidential speech Dr. V. C. Acharya (Vice President-HMAI) had suggested all the unit leaders to come forward and such Conferences, fruitful scientific workshops, health camps should organize from the very gross root level i.e. from unit level to buildup homoeopathy and to strengthen HMAI. Inaugural ended with the vote of thanks offered by Org. Secretary Dr. V. K. Pandey to all the dignitaries & audience for their gracious presence to mark the occasion. Dr. C. D. Singh did anchoring of the session.

                  Soon the Inaugural over Dr. Somnath Mukherjee Memorial Scientific session began with a lecture of Dr. S. K. Tiwari a renowned homoeopath of Manglore, who shared his opinion about the practical utility of BOENNINGHAUSENS CHARACTERISTICS & REPERTORY (BBCR). He explained the significance of the repertory in practice with the help of selected cases. This session was presided over by Dr. P. K. Mukherjee, the great son of Late Dr. Somnath Mukherjee.

                   Dr. L. M. Khan a good orator & veteran teacher &  of National Institute of Homoeopathy, Kolkata, who was in Varanasi on Homoeovision-2007, gave lecture on Miasm & spoke about how a person becomes sick and raised the curtain of real aetiology of the disease. He explained the role of these noxious agents in illness and until unless it is not removed seeking of health would be a day dream.

                   IInd Scientific session started after lunch with a lecture of Dr. A. S. Paranjpe (Ex-Scientist of solid state physics division B.A.R.C. Trombay, Mumbai), she told Homoeopathy is a meritorious system of medicine and because of its remarkable action in all sorts of diseases, yet it could not get the due place as it deserves, even 200 yrs after Hahnemannian discovery. Considering her true responsibility as a scientist to buildup its scientific foundation, she has developed a medical analyzer (Indigenously developed in BARC which estimates variability in five respects like heart rate, respiratory rate, stroke volume, cardiac output & peripheral blood flow rate) and  ANU Photo Rheography (An user friendly device which records heart rate, blood flow rate variability and the corresponding autonomic responses) after putting homoeopathic potencies and recorded the changes and variations in physiology & autonomic nervous system through this instruments. In continuation to that she also shared her experience through LCD she did on a sick pigeon which was cured by Chamomilla 30.

                  IIIrd Scientific session started after tea break in which Dr. Rajat Chatterjee of Mahesh Bhattacharya College, Kolkata explained nicely the changing nature of the diseases. He told that now diseases too are not manifesting their real sign & symptoms.     

  After a day whole uninterrupted scientific session evening was rinsed with colourlful cultural evening presented by Rajan Tiwari & his team to refresh the mood of the delegates.

  IVth scientific session began on 18th morning with grand delivery of Dr. Vishpala Parthasarthy a good academician, writer & editor of National Journal of Homoeopathy, Mumbai. She lectured on efficacy of Homoeopathic remedy Acid Phos. in Cervical Spondylosis and proved with the help of cured cases.

Another Scientist Dr. Gopal Singh (Research scientist of Plant pathology division of Sardar Ballavbhai Patel agricultural & technology university, Merrut) read his paper on role of Homoeopathy in plant diseases by giving numerous examples.

 Other speakers Dr. Punkaj Srivastava of Lucknow, he was in Varanasi to read his paper. He gave lecture on Role of Homoeopathic treatment in Orthopaedic cases and presented his cured cases with evidence. Dr. Ravi Singh of Balrampur U.P. told about the scientific construction of Homoeopathic Mat- Medica. Dr. A. K. Singh did anchoring of last scientific session.

 Another scientist and living legend of the era “Padmshree” Dr. Lalji Singh (Director-Centre for Cellular and molecular biology, Hyderabad) who made him available from Hyderabad, delivered a valuable lecture on Gene therapy. He was also the Chief Guest of the valedictory session of Homoeovision-2007  & session was presided over by Dr. Kashmir Singh IPS. Dr. Kashmir Singh (I.G.-Varanasi Zone) emphasized in his presidential delivery that Homoeopathy is a method of scientific study and therapeutic practice, which is not only cost effective but also qualitatively most progressive in the treatment of dreaded killer diseases of 21st century.

Dr. S. M. Singh of Allahabad who was present in closing ceremony gave finishing touch to the conference and under his master anchoring HOMOEOVISION-2007 could reach to grand success. Twenty Homoeopathic pharmaceutical companies had participated and displayed their products. With above all, the session was concluded with the vote of thanks offered to all ones by Dr. D. P. Singh (GZP.).

DATED : 26-11-2007                                               

Reported by-DR. SANJAY K. SINGH

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