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It is a sleeping disorder in which Person can not sleep.


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Belladonna. [Bell] The sleepless conditions due to congestion; sleep is extremely restless, as a rule it is interrupted by talking, starlings, muscular jerking and spasmodic motions; frightful images appear on closing the eyes and the patient therefore dreads sleep. Children awake from sleep frightened. Oftentimes there is a violent throbbing in the brain which prevents sleep. The dreams are frightful ones, and they constantly awaken the patient. It is probably our best remedy for insomnia due to cerebral hyperemia; that is, it will be most often indicated, also after morphine which produces cerebral hyperemia of a passive variety. Here the child awakens very cross; very sleepy during the daytime. Belladonna is most useful in restless sleep during dentition; sleeps with eyes partially open; sudden starting, twitching, hot head and dilated pupils will indicate it.


Nux vomica. [Nux-v] The great characteristic of this remedy is that the patient is very sleepy in the evening, cannot keep awake ; moreover the sleep is not sound or restful and the patient is awakened at night by anxiety and frightful dreams. He awakens at about four or five O'clock in the morning feeling somewhat refreshed, but soon resleeps and awakens at the usual time feeling worse than ever. It is especially the remedy for those who drink too much, those who abuse coffee and tea, those who are subject to abdominal disorders and a sluggish portal circulation. Sleeplessness from mental overwork, from too close study, especially at night. The morning sleep aggravates all the affections. Sleeplessness after quinine, iron, strychnine, tea, or chloral.


Hyoscyamus. [Hyos] Sleeplessness from nervous excitement; the brain is full of bewildering ideas and images. After long illnesses and the brain cells are ill nourished this remedy is very useful. It is especially indicated in sleeplessness in children, who twitch, cry out frightened and tremble. Sleeplessness from overworked minds and without apparent cause may be benefited by Hyoscyamus. The patient is jolly and wakeful.


Coffea. [Coff] In cases where there is excessive agitation of body and mind, and where ideas force themselves on the mind. It will be found that this acts better in the higher potencies. The patient is wide awake, without the slightest inclination to sleep, and all the senses are extremely acute. It is the remedy when excitement or good news, joys or night watching causes the insomnia. It is well suited to sleeplessness in teething children . Sleeplessness from the bad effects of too good news.


Chamomilla. [Cham] For sleeplessness in children due to severe pain. It quiets the irritability and the emotional excitement and the patient sleeps. It is also adapted to weak, nervous women. The sleep is tormented by dreams which are fanciful, vivid and anxious; the patient is hot and thirsty. Moaning in sleep. This is also a remedy acting better in the higher potencies. Great drowsiness is characteristic of the remedy.


Gelsemium. [Gels] For the insomnia of brain workers. It is indicated in business men who pass restless nights, awaken early in the morning and worry over their business affairs. It also is most useful in a state of alternate excitement and depression. Gelsemium has also sleeplessness from emotional disturbances, and after evening company. The patient goes to bed tired, but immediately becomes wakeful. It is especially suited to thin, spare men who are nervous and subject to nervous chills.


Sulphur. [Sulph] Sleeplessness from nervous excitement, cutaneous irritations and external heat. The patient is drowsy all day and sleepless at night. Sleeps in "cat naps", wakes frequently. Restlessness of anemic irritability. The mind is active and the patient indulges in castle building.. Sleeplessness following intense mental overwork and anxiety coupled with confusion, vertigo and pain in the head.


Cannabis Indica. [Cann-i] In obstinate and intractable forms of insomnia. An irregular sleep is more of an indication than absolute insomnia. It produces a tranquil slumber, relieves the nervousness and neuralgic pains , and even if given in doses of from 5 to 15 drops of the tincture in water it leaves no bad effects behind. Sleeplessness from mental exhaustion or anemia; a useful remedy in worn-out brain workers, night watchers and those who have lost much sleep.


Avena sativa in doses of from 10 to15 drops of the tincture will oftentimes induce a peaceful dreamless sleep in those who are nervous and exhausted


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