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Homoeopathy is system of medical treatment promulgated by Dr. Christian Fredrick Samuel Hahnemann, a German Physician. He had spared a long and useful life 88 years without vain.

Hahnemann and his work & Translation:

1777 - Translations of Nugent's Experiment on Hydrophobia from English (150 pages).

- Translations of Stedman's Physiological Experiments and Observations from English (134 pages) and observations with Copper from English (134 pages).

- Translation of Falconeri Experiment with Mineral water and warm bath from English (800 pages).

- Translation of Ball's Newer art of healing, from English.

1784 Translation of Demacl's Laboratory chemist on the preparation of chemicals for manufacture as for Art, from French (1000 pages).




1779 - Desertatio inaugur medic - Conrpetus adifectum spasmodecorium aetiologicus et therapeuticus.

1782- The first small essays appear in Dr. Fr. Chr.Krebs, Quedilinburg "Medical Observation"

1784 - Direction for curing old sores and ulcers.


1784 Translation of Demachy's Art of Distilling Liquor" from French (616 pages).

1787 Translation of Demachy's Art of the Manufacture of Vinegar from French (176 Pages).

- " Signs of Purity and Adulteration of Drugs" by B. Vanden. Sanden, a chemist in Brussels (350 Pages).

Work on Chemistry:

1787 - Prejudice against heating with coal and ways improving this fuel etc.

- Preservation of mineral alkaline salt by means of potash and Kitchen salt.

1788 - The influence of certain gasses in the formation of wine.

- Wine test in Iron and lead.

- Concerning Sulphate of Baryta.

- Discovery of a new constituent in Plumbago

- Observation on the Astringent Properties of Plant.


Medical works:

1786 - on Poisoning by Arsenic: its treatment and Forensic detection (276 page).

1789 Instruction for Surgeons on Venereal Diseases (272 pages).


1790 Ryan. Enquiries in to the Nature and Cure of Phthisis from English (164 pages).

- Fabroni, The art of Making wine in Accordance with Sennible Principles from Italian. (278 pages).

- Arth Young Annals of Agriculture from English (603 Pages).

- CULLEN, A Treatise on Materia Medica, from English to German (1140 pages).

1791 Monoro's Materia Medica from English (952 pages).

- Grigg's precautionary measures for the Female sex from English.

- Dela metheria on Pure air and different kinds of air from French (1048 pages).

- Rigby's chemical observation on Sugar from English (92 Pages).


Chemical Researches:

1790 Minor Essays on various Subjects

Direction for Preparation of Mercury Solubaries.

1791 Insolubility of some metals and their oxides in caustic ammonia.

1792 Contribution to wine test Preparation of Glauber's salt, according to the method of Ballen.


Medical works:

1790 A method of check salivation and the destructive method of mercury (1091 pages).

1792 The friend of health (100 Pages)


Work on Chemistry

1793 Wine test continued. Preparation of Cassel Yellow

1794 Hahnemann's new wine test and new liquor.

1797 Pulverization of Ignatia Beans.


Medical works:

1795 On Crusta lactea The Friend of health.

1796 - Essays on a New Principle for ascertaining the curative Power of drugs & Experiment

1797 A case of rapidly cured Colico dynia

Antidote to heroic vegetable substances.

Some kind of continued and remittent fevers.

Some periodical and Hebdomadal diseases.

1801 Fragmentary observation on Brow's Elements of Medicine.

On the power of small dose of medicine.

Observation on three current mode of treatment.

1803 On the effects of Coffee.


1796 - Hand book of Mothers.

1797 Translation of Taplin's Enquiry (691 pages).

1798 - Translation of New Edinburgh Dispensatory (1211 Pages).

1800 - Translation of Treasures Medica Minimum (412 pages).

- Translation of Home Practical observations on cure of Structures of Urethra By Caustics.


Own Essays & Writing:

1806 On substitute of Cinchona

- What are Poisons ? What are Medicines ?

- Objection to the proposed substitute for cinchona.

- Scarlet fever and miliary Puerperal fever.

- Medicine of Experience

- Albrescht V. Haller's Materia Medica

1807 - Homoeopathic Employment of Medicine in ordinary Practice.

1808 - On the present want of symptoms.

          - On substitute of foreign drugs.

          - On Value of Speculative system of Medicine

1809 - Signs of times in ordinary system of medicine.

1810 Organon of Rational Medicine

         - 2nd Edition - 1819 - Organon of the Art of Healing.

         - 3rd Edition - 1824

         - 4th Edition - 1829

         - 5th Edition - 1833

         - 6th Edition - 1921

1811 - Materia Medica Pura Part I


Work of Hahnemann in Leipsic.

1811  - 1821  - Materia Medica Pura

Part I - 1811 (3 Editions)

Part II - 1816 (3 Editions).

Part III - 1816 (3 Editions)

Part IV - 1818 (3 Editions)

Part V - 1819 (3 Editions)

Part VI - 1821 (3 Editions)

1812 - Dissertations on Helleborismus Veratrum

1813 - Spirit of the new Medical Doctrine (626 Pages)

1814 - Method of Treatment for New Prevailing Nerve & Hospital Fever

1816 - On venereal Disease and its Ordinary improper Treatment.

         - On treatment of burn.

1819 - On uncharitable ness towards Suicides.

1820 - On the Preparation of Medicines by Homoeopathic Physicians themselves.

1821 - Medical Advice in Purpura Miliaris.

1828 - Ist Volume of Chronic Diseases.



Organon Of Medicine By DR. Das

Life & History of Dr. Hahnemann 


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