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Veratrum An Egoistic Lady
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Dr. Samuel Hahnemann



our approach is concentrating more on Signs & symptoms of the patient then Diagnosing it with the help of modern Diagnostic procedure, Keeping pre & post treatment investigation record and publish cured case records with the help of Modern Investigation reports to the world to show Superiority of "Homoeopathy an Modern Medical Science"..

Homoeopath in the Focus  

Yes, it is very necessary to reprove all Homoeopathic Medicines because 
1)   Majority of Homoeopathic Medicines are proved very long back 
2)  They are Proved in the environmental conditions which is totally different from our 

Homeopathy: Beyond The Boundaries!      

* It has often occurred that a remedy has made brilliant cures when it suited the patient, even though it was not known to possess a strong likeness of the disease ; but let the likeness be first to the patient and last to the disease. The patient is first and the disease is last.

  • Make the miasmatic diagnosis of the case i.e. ascertain the surface miasm, this can be done by Head to foot assessment of symptoms, Through clinical manifestation of disease,Through psychic essence, nature and character of the individual case.

  • Focus on Homoeo prophylaxis


    From the Clinic  

    Uterus is bulky in size. Change in shape and echo texture. Anteverted in position. Evidence of focal mass lesion in Anterior wall of fundus 32 X 17 mm in size. Sonography impression Pelvic USG finding signs of Fibroid.

    Lady age of 30 years complaining of heavy and profuse menses with large clotty discharge. During menses she is complaining of pain in abdomen. She is also having leucorrhoea before and after menses which is dark & offensive in type

    Book Reviews   by Dr. Shajikutty (Kerala)


    Myocardial Infarction and its Homoeopathic Management By Dr. Pawan S. Chandak



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